Katie Maloney From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Tries to Marie Kondo Her Move

Home buying is trending amongst Vanderpump Rules cast members. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix just slid into a sweet $2 million dollar home and Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright purchased a house too.

Katie Maloney |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Not to be left out, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney also bought a house. Maloney recently shared the news on Watch What Happens Liver After Show. “Yeah, we might be in escrow? I haven’t told anyone… until now!” Bravo’s Home & Design reports. She added,“I know, now we can have babies.”

But the road to the new house (and babies) first starts with moving. Which is never a pleasant experience, even for the frequent mover. Maloney took to her Instagram story to share what she is facing, plus joked about how she’s trying to Marie Kondo her stuff (and why that is taking forever).

She has an eviable makeup collection

Maloney’s cosmetic collection alone could have its own closet in the new home. While the vast makeup collection is #goals for just about anyone, Maloney needs to maintain a solid stash for business. She owns and operates beauty and lifestyle site, Pucker & Pout. The site is designed to help followers create the same flawless looks Maloney features on Vanderpump Rules.

Last year she launched her own lipstick line. Maloney collaborated with Julie Hewett to offer a limited line, which features three signature colors. In addition to makeup, Maloney also offers health, wellness, and lifestyle tips on Pucker & Pout.

While amassing beauty products is important to her brand, packing them is a whole other thing. “I think I have enough lip stuff,” she says turning over decent sized Tupperware bins containing glosses and lipsticks. “This is edited down too. I Marie Kondo’d this sh*t and I still have…that many,” She tosses on bin on top of the other.

Packing stinks no matter how many times you’ve moved

Toward the beginning of her story, Maloney shares a cute image of her loot along with the song “Baby Shark.” She continues her packing tour by filming all her makeup and eyeshadow pallets too. “But that’s not counting all of that stuff,” she says as she turns the camera to her dressing table. “But!” Hey, I threw out so much so this is actually progress.”

She adds that packing just sucks. “As many times as I’ve moved, it still blows my mind how much crap there is to, you know, to pack,” she says. “I gotta be organized because when I get there, I don’t want to then decide what I’m going to throw away.”

The Marie Kondo method takes time

“So its like trying to touch everything to see if it brings me any freaking joy,” she hilariously says, referring to the Marie Kondo method. “So it’s taking me…” she exhales. “A couple days to do this.”

Most recently, Bravo producer Andy Cohen shared a video to Instagram of his cluttered office. He’s not moving but wanted to do a little spring cleaning. Unlike Maloney, Cohen was not about going Marie Kondo on his stuff. “Guys, I got all your d.m.s,” Cohen said. “And I’m gonna go through it. I don’t want Marie Kondo and I don’t want the other people that you recommended. It’s gonna be fine. I just showed you my office and it’s a mess and everything’s cool.”

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