Katie Stevens Walks Us Through the Scariest Rooms in ‘Haunt’

Haunt is a horror movie about a Halloween attraction that really kills its patrons. Guess they’re not counting on repeat business. Who better to walk us through some of the scary rooms of this extreme haunted house than the star of the movie herself. Katie Stevens plays Harper, a girl who reluctantly goes along with her friends and gets to say she told them so when they start dying. 

Katie Stevens in Haunt
Katie Stevens in the horror/thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures

Katie Stevens spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone yesterday. Known for the TV series Faking It and The Bold Type, Stevens had dabbled in horror before with the film Polaroid. Haunt is in theaters now. 

Katie Stevens picks the scariest room in Haunt

There are so many to choose from, but one room freaked her out the most.

“Oh man, all I had to do was run through it, but there’s a scene where Will Brittain’s character is walking through and there’s a bunch of mannequins covered in sheets,” Stevens said. “It’s scary because you can’t tell who’s going to be the real guy. That was probably the creepiest room to be in for sure.”

Katie Stevens made the sticky room look real in ‘Haunt’

One of the rooms in Haunt is coated with a sticky substance that Harper’s hands stick to. That was movie magic.

“If I remember correctly, there’s nothing actually sticky because they had to put the prosthetic on my hands for when it peels,” Stevens said. “So I couldn’t really stick my hands too hard but I think they made the floor shiny and I just had to use acting skills to pretend I was stuck. It was really crazy because I had those kind of prosthetics on my hands and they were really delicate.”

Katie Stevens and Lauryn Alisa McClain in the horror/thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures

When Harper rips her hands free, the makeup effects actually made Stevens’ hands more vulnerable. 

“I couldn’t really touch anything or do anything because then it would have peeled off my hands. So it was really interesting after that scene having to act with my hands in the state that they were in because it was really hard, because if I touched something the wrong way, something could peel off and then we would have to redo it again. The things you don’t think about when you watch horror movies, but acting in them you realize it’s a lot of work.”

This room required Katie Stevens’ most intense performance in ‘Haunt’

Harper tries to hide under the bed in a room full of dolls. By that point she’s already been through a lot in Haunt.

“That was really intense because I had to kind of put myself into a really dark emotional state to do that scene,” Stevens said. “I’ve never been in a place to where I’ve had to fear for my life or be scared in that manner to where my safety was on the line. So what was weirdly beautiful about doing a horror movie is you kind of have to stay in that space in a way for the entirety of while you’re filming it.”

Katie Stevens in Haunt
Katie Stevens in the horror/thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures

Filmmakers SCott Beck and Bryan Woods allowed Stevens the space and time to work up to that scene.

“We were kind of towards the end of filming and you become emotionally exhausted, which then makes you more emotional. Bryan Woods and Scott Beck were really, really lovely to where if I ever needed a second to really get there, they gave me that time and didn’t put any pressure on me to get there. They just gave me the space and the time that I needed. I really appreciate that as an actor.”

Katie Stevens
(L-R) Actresses Melora Hardin, Katie Stevens and Aisha Dee attend the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations with Freeforms’ “The Bold Type” | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Pre-scene preparation is normally part of Stevens’ process. It was just more intense for Haunt.

“I’m the type of actor where I mood up before I have to do something like that anyways. So I try to get myself into that place beforehand. Then there are so many things going on around you, camera people and lighting people and all of that. So it’s easy to get distracted. I just need a few moments, like a minute or two to just recenter myself to where I need to be to get there. Obviously you have the surroundings that put you there too with the set and characters that are in makeup. So it’s kind of easier because you have a lot to work with.”