Katy Perry Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

Katy Perry has had an eventful couple of months, and not in a good way. First, the pop songstress was slapped with a lawsuit over Dark Horse. The song, which essentially turned into a summer anthem, stole its beat from a Christian rap song. She was ordered to pay $2.8 million for copyright infringement, according to Vox. Now, the Teenage Dream singer is being accused of sexual harassment by an actor who appeared in a music video.

Why is Katy Perry being accused of sexual harassment?

Josh Kloss took to Instagram on the anniversary of Teenage Dream to recount his experience working on the music video and interact with Perry. Kloss admits that he had a crush on Perry and their first interactions one-on-one were utterly tame. He explained, in an Instagram post, that she was kind, at first.

He went on to detail how Perry humiliated him on set by suggesting that kissing him was “gross’. The on-set behavior, however, isn’t what Kloss has the biggest issue with. He claims that he was invited to a party by Perry. When he showed up, he alleges she pulled his sweatpants back to show friends in her posse his genitals. Kloss noted that it happened quickly and that he felt embarrassed and humiliated by the exchange.

Years later, Kloss is reportedly still confused by what happened. He also took the opportunity to let fans know he had been paid roughly $650 for the music video, and that he no longer wished to feed into Perry’s positive image. Perry has not yet commented on the allegations.

Who is Josh Kloss?

Josh Kloss is the model and actor who appeared in Perry’s 2010 hit music video for Teenage Dream. Kloss played Perry’s main love interest. During the video, he is regularly canoodling and kissing Perry.

Kloss has gone on to appear in several movie shorts and indie films. He is currently filming The Hunter. Kloss also appeared briefly in The O.C. as Chip Saunders in 2003.

Katy Perry was at the center of kissing controversy in 2018

The American Idol judge was caught up in controversy in 2018 when she kissed a contestant on the show on the lips without his consent. Then 19-year-old, Benjamin Glaze showed up to audition for a spot on the famed competition, but moments before he began playing, Perry waked up and kissed him on the lips. It was the young singer’s very first kiss.

He sat down with The New York Times and noted that he was uncomfortable with the show of affection. He stated that he was raised in a conservative household and had been thoughtfully saving his first lip-lock. “I wanted to save it for my first relationship,” he said. “I wanted it to be special.”

Glaze noted that he didn’t feel the exchange was harassment, but he’s set on the fact that he was uncomfortable with what happened. According to The Independent, the exchange angered fans because it highlighted what can be construed as a double standard. While Perry’s kiss was considered innocent by most, some fans argued that people would have felt differently if a male judge had done the same to a young contestant.