Keanu Reeves Has Done So Many Nice Things He Can’t Remember Them All

Keanu Reeves is known as the “nicest person in the world,” a title that isn’t easy to get. He’s fighting for the nickname against The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, Sleepless in Seattle’s Tom Hanksand lovable comedian Ellen DeGeneres. While they’re all known for being the most kind-hearted celebs in Hollywood, there’s just something special about Reeves.

In fact, Reeves has done so many commendable things throughout his life that he can’t even remember them all! Let’s take a look at how the Matrix star got his title. 

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Keanu Reeves keeps his hands to himself 

The nicest actor in Hollywood isn’t the only alias the IRL Neo has: He’s also been dubbed the ‘Respectful King.’ Why? Reeves makes sure never to touch female fans when he takes pictures with them. This small and unbelievably polite gesture has everyone swooning!

When you first start snooping into photos, things look rather typical. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see his hand floating ever so slightly above their waist or arm. Reeves even applied his chivalrous ways when posing with the amazing Dolly Parton. Once this came to light, Twitter users began picking the paper trail apart. Evidence was easy to find, so it’s no surprise that the discovery did nothing but bolster the internet’s love for him. 

Keanu Reeves isn’t afraid to stand up for others

There’s a YouTube video floating around showing Reeves kindly giving up his well-earned seat on the NYC subway. If you live or have ever visited NYC, you know just how rare of an occurrence this is. Commuters often fight for seats and the struggle to get a spot for a long commute to and from work is very real. Sometimes even pregnant women, young children, and the disabled need to stand as more able-bodied individuals refuse to forgo their tiny space on the train.

Reeves giving up his seat for strangers isn’t the only thing that speaks volumes. Just the simple fact that he rides the subway at all is a nod to his character.

Keanu Reeves has another pretty cute nickname

As if being the nicest guy in Hollywood and the ‘Respectful King’ weren’t enough, Reeves has ANOTHER fan-given title: the internet’s boyfriend. How popular does one have to be to gain a title as grandiose as that one? Reeves’ legit nice guy attitude and unique energy aren’t lost on his fans. His approachable nature and genuine persona in all his interviews make literally everyone want to be on his arm. Even some of his co-stars have fallen madly in love with him.

While fans have been in Reeves’ corner for years, his internet stardom is actually news to him. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the outlet let the lovable actor know about his new tagline. His response was precious.

“I’ve been what? That’s, uh wacky. Well, the positivity’s great.” – Keanu Reeves / People 

The naivety is just one more quirk to add to the long list of great things about the Hollywood star. 

Keanu Reeves donated most of his’Matrix’ money to this foundation

Did you know that Reeve’s younger sister Kim had leukemia? She was diagnosed in 1991 and finally made it into remissions in 1999 — a feat she wouldn’t have been able to do without her big brother. Reeves dropped over $5 million of his funds to ensure his sister’s recovery. But that’s not all he did. 

“Keanu helped me so much through my illness. When the pain got really bad, he would sit with me and hold my hand….” – Kim / Woman’s Day

The experience had such a lasting effect on Reeves that he donated 70% of the money he got from The Matrix to cancer research. That wasn’t enough, so he also opened a private cancer foundation in his little sister’s name. One that’s still going strong to this day.

Keanu Reeves has racked up so much karma he doesn’t remember all his good deeds

This is only a small taste of the good that Reeves has done. When people bring up some of the iconic things he’s made headlines for in the past, his response is just as Reeves-like as you would imagine: “I don’t recall that.” It shows that Reeves isn’t keeping count of his good deeds, another tell-tale sign of a genuinely good person. 

Keanu Reeves’ good karma has finally added up

With people falling in love with Reeves over and over again, of course, they can’t stop talking about him. Every time his name pops up, it’s attached to something swoon-worthy. If you do some digging into his past, you’ll come across some tragic events that have managed to only make him sweeter. While his acting chops have always been up for debate, he might just end up as Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ thanks to his big heart and the unwavering dedication of his fans!