Keanu Reeves to Join the MCU as Doctor Doom in a Solo Movie?

Keanu Reeves has been attached to the MCU — without starring in any of its films — for quite some time now. As his career resurges and John Wick’s popularity continues on an upward spiral, fans’ desire to see him don a superhero or supervillain is only growing in intensity. Recent discussions and history suggest that he’s destined for one infamous villain: Doctor Doom.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

While fans have suggested that he would make a strong Taskmaster, casting for Black Widow has already been announced and, unless the film is planning quite the grand reveal, this seems like another missed opportunity. When it comes to Marvel creations, planning and foresight are two qualities we have come to expect from the studio; thus, anything done in haste seems out of the question.

Based on a conversation between Marvel President Kevin Feige and screenwriter Noah Hawley (previously tasked with penning a Doctor Doom movie), Reeves may be called upon to portray the infamous villain in an anti-hero themed solo film. Reeves has been tied to Moon Knight as of late due to an interview with the Russos; however, Doctor Doom seems more probable (especially when considering one Russo Brother merely liked the idea of Reeves as Moon Knight when an interviewer suggested it).

Why Keanu Reeves may play Doctor Doom in the MCU: a little history

Noah Hawley (screenwriter behind Fargo, Legion, Lucy in the Sky, and My Generation) wrote a script for a Doctor Doom-centric film (untethered to the Fantastic Four) when the creative property still belonged to Fox. However, following the Fox/Disney merger, the movie was buried, as The Digital Wise notes. 

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Noah Crawley explained that he recently met with Kevin Feige, and the two are planning a Doctor Doom solo film. Given that Fox no longer owns the rights to Doctor Doom, Noah Crawley’s already written script can be used for a Marvel creation, likely with a few adjustments, as to Disney-fy the previously fox-esque screenplay. 

With a Doctor Doom solo movie on the horizon, Keanu Reeves would get the Marvel role fans want him to take on — a role designed to last more than one movie, and earn focus outside the “bad guy” who faced off against one or two Avengers that one time (on the way to a grand mash-up). Further, Marvel studios, when casting major leads, does strive to match or surpass expectations. 

Why Keanu Reeves is the perfect pick for Marvel’s Doctor Doom 

Keanu Reeves has played an anti-hero in three successful John Wick films. As the lead actor in a franchise that continues to receive positive critical and audience reception, Reeves would be a perfect match for Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom needs to be a bit jaded; he needs to fight for himself, not some grander purpose. 

Keanu Reeves has been eyed for multiple Marvel roles, and they just never worked out; he was one of the many actors eyed to play Jude Law’s role in Captain Marvel. However, after all these years of missed opportunities, Reeves deserves to enter the MCU with a solo movie and stick around for a bit.

What better character exists for Reeves? Reeves has the talent. He has the look. He’s got the practice. And, most importantly, it’s time.