‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’: What Was the Reason Behind That Frantic 911 Call?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is known for keeping viewers on their toes but an upcoming events is going to be one we never saw coming.

In an exclusive clip from the series’ brand new episode, things get dicey when the famous family experiences something they never thought would happen.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian West | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

The clip shows Kim Kardashian receiving a frantic call from Khloé Kardashian and while the details are still up in the air, the call has to do with the well-being of Kris Jenner.

Kris Jenner takes a nasty tackle to the ground

The things that happen in the Kardashian family’s lives are ones that they couldn’t possibly make up and they recently proved that to be true in a clip from an upcoming episode.

In a sneak peek at the new episode of KUWTK, Kim Kardashian is left in panic mode after she is informed that Kris Jenner has been tackled by her security team.

While riding in the car with BFF, Jonathan Cheban, the reality star received a phone call from Khloé Kardashian who shares the shocking news with her.

“Your security just f–king tackled mom.” the Good American designer tells her sister.

While the details of the altercation are still a little hazy at this point, the reality star continues telling her sister that the ambulance was on their way, making the KKW founder overcome with fear.

“We just called 911,” the Good American CEO said, as Kris shouts “my neck!” in the background. “This is crazy.”

Kim K. then frantically tells her sister that she is “rushing home right now,” before asking “What happened?” all while trying to relay this unexpected info to Cheban.

KoKo then shares that the KKW Beauty founder’s security team was heavily monitoring her and Kanye West’s Hidden Hills backyard when Jenner made her appearance.

“They were in the backyard and Mom came down — which she shouldn’t have, I told her to go around,” KoKo explains. “And they just tackled her,” she quickly finishes then urges her sister to come home as quickly as she can before hanging up the phone.

Kardashian has hired the best security since being robbed

While Kim Kardashian security will most likely be seeing their way out of the door after tackling Kris Jenner, that doesn’t mean they weren’t doing their job.

Ever since Kardashian was held her at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewels in Paris back in 2016, she has upped her security significantly.

After the robbery, Kardashian, as well as the rest of her family members, hired the best in the business guards for round-the-clock protection .

“Security and privacy issues have changed not only for her but for the whole family,” a source close to the family told People back in 2017. “They have security guards most of the time when they go out.”

There is no telling if those guards who tackled Kris Jenner were let go or not but many of us can easily assume that they definitely got a firm talking to.