Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Biggest Challenge Doing a TV Show and How She Stays Calm

Kelly Clarkson is definitely not a stranger to being in front of the camera. She got her start on American Idol and these days she is a coach on The Voice. As such, the 37-year-old star seems to be right at home on TV.

However, Clarkson recently shared that she still has her own challenges with her job just like anyone else. For her, specifically, there is one thing that she struggles with a lot when doing a TV show.

Kelly Clarkson has landed her own talk show

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Clarkson is still a coach on The Voice, but she has added another job title to her resume: talk show host.

The Kelly Clarkson Show will premiere on September 9 on NBC, which is the same network as The Voice. The program will feature interesting content, such as games, celebrity interviews, segments focusing on everyday people, and more.

According to Valari Staab, the President of NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, the network decided to give Clarkson her own show because of her charming personality.

“She’s genuine, warm, fun and interacts with her fans in a meaningful way,” Staab said in a press release. “Throughout her career people of all ages and backgrounds have related to her openness, honesty and curiosity.”

Because Clarkson is a singer, music will also be a big part of her TV show. She revealed that she will also open every show by covering a song for the audience, which is actually something that she does frequently on tours.

“A person in the audience picks the song, and I come down and talk to that person,” she said of her show. “Then we talk to the audience about maybe something that happened that day [before we] start having guests [come] out.”

Kelly Clarkson’s biggest challenge while doing a TV show

Clarkson seems like a professional who has everything under control. However, in an interview with Extra, the American Idol winner revealed that there is something that she still struggles with, especially when she has to do The Kelly Clarkson Show every day.

“Memorization – it’s always a challenge in every job,” Clarkson said.

It’s not too surprising as the superstar singer has told people before that she also has trouble remembering her own lyrics. When talking to Jenny McCarthy in an interview, Clarkson shared that she had memory problems even when she was young, and she used to shame herself for it.

Whenever she performed, Clarkson would just have the lyrics printed out. Though it wasn’t until she learned about some other popular artists using teleprompters that she decided to use them herself. Memorization is such a big problem for Clarkson that even when singing songs that she wrote, the issue doesn’t go away.

How Kelly Clarkson stays calm on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

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There’s no doubt that Clarkson could get stressed out over having to memorize some lines for her show. However, she also has a way to stay cool and collected.

When talking to Extra, Clarkson revealed that singing calms her down, which is why she decided to do song covers at the beginning of every episode. Additionally, Clarkson also feels great when she gets to connect with people, so fans can definitely expect to see her engage with audience members while singing.

Since she has been a celebrity for more than 15 years now, Clarkson has probably mastered the technique of not showing nervousness in front of the camera. In fact, she is a funny person who does not take herself seriously. So if anything goes wrong on her talk show, we are certain that Clarkson would have a clever way of handling it.