Kelly Dodd’s Brother Caught Selling Negative Stories About The ‘RHOC’ Star

Just when Kelly Dodd thought she had made things right with her family, the Real Housewives of Orange County star’s brother, Eric Meza, was caught hawking negative stories about her co-stars to the press. Dodd has worked hard to make amends with her estranged brother and mother, Bobbi Meza, but behind the scenes, Eric was looking to take her down this entire time. Here’s a look at Dodd’s troubled family life and how it might affect her story this season.

RHOC Kelly Dodd
‘RHOC’ Kelly Dodd | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Eric Meza caught red-handed

Dodd repairing her relationship with Eric and Bobbi was supposed to be a highlight in season 14 of RHOC. But before Dodd had a chance to blink, Eric tried to make some extra cash at his sister’s expense.

According to All About The Tea, Eric attempted to sell a story about how Dodd was out partying when her mom was having heart surgery. Eric contacted Cory Larrabee about publishing the story, who turned around and outed him on social media.

Last week, Larrabee slammed Eric for trying to sell stories about his sister. He also blasted Dodd for doing the same thing and questioned why any of them are still on reality TV.

“Hey #KellyDodd I don’t know why you trust your brother again. He’s just as disgusting as YOU trying to get me to sell stories about you. @BravoTV why do you allow this family to be on your show?” Larrabee shared.

Larrabee attached a screenshot of his private conversation with Eric, which proves that he was willing to throw Dodd under the bus for some cash.

Eric’s actions may be shocking to RHOC fans, especially those who were hoping Dodd’s family reconciliation would last. But this is hardly the first time Eric has openly shaded his own sister.

Eric slams Kelly Dodd’s bad behavior

Eric previously claimed that Dodd is the real reason why their family is in shambles. Eric said that the reality star “has a strange sense of self-importance,” and that she is constantly jealous.

He also revealed that Dodd does not feel empathy towards others, which allows her to live with her frequent outbursts.

On a recent episode of RHOC, Dodd told her co-stars that her brother and mother asked to move in for a couple of months because they needed a place to stay. But their stay lasted well over a year.

Eric, however, says that none of this is true. He claims that Dodd is the one who reached out and asked if they wanted to live in her house. Kelly Dodd allegedly told them that Bravo wanted her family to be a part of her story and that they were a “package deal.”

He went on to bash Dodd about how she abused their mom. Eric shockingly claims that he was forced to move his mother because Dodd was physically and emotionally abusive.

The accusations are similar to what Eric said in 2018, when he accused Dodd of pushing his mom down some stairs.

Kelly Dodd reacts to the drama

Back in April, Dodd took to social media and revealed that she had made amends with her mom and brother. The RHOC star shared a few pics of her family and talked about the importance of forgiveness.

But given Eric’s recent behavior and accusations, it looks like the reconciliation was a huge sham.

A source close to Bravo’s production team claims that Dodd was in panic mode at the time and was trying to get ahead of the drama.

After all, the bulk of her storyline in season 14 is about her family, and Dodd wanted fans to think that their relationship had turned over a new leaf. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Dodd hits Gina Kirschenheiter on the head

As if things could not get any worse, Kelly Dodd recently hit another cast member on the head — only this time it is Gina Kirschenheiter.

The incident happened while the cast was enjoying a wellness retreat. A clip shows Kirschenheiter blasting Dodd about hitting Shannon Beador in the head.

Their argument over Beador’s injury heats up quickly, and as Kirschenheiter storms out of the room, Dodd smacks her in the head.

Not one to back down, Kirschenheiter called Kelly Dodd a “F—king bitch” for hitting her and walked out of the room.

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