Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Youngest Son Shares Why He Loves Being the ‘Baby of the Family’

Many children who are considered to be the “baby” of the family have plenty of reasons to love being the youngest.

Kelly Ripa, husband Mark Consuelos, daughter Lola Consuelos, sons Michael Consuelos and Joaquin Consuelos
Kelly Ripa, husband Mark Consuelos, daughter Lola Consuelos, sons Michael Consuelos and Joaquin Consuelos | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Joaquin Consuelos, actors Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa‘s youngest son, has a few reasons why he loves his “baby of the family” status. One reason is that his older siblings have already trained the parents. Joaquin, along with his family, chatted with PeopleTV and shared why he loves being the youngest member of his family. 

Before Joaquin explained his position in the family, mom Kelly revealed that every family member would wear the same outfit more than once, with the exception of daughter Lola. Kelly then joked that “some” family members would also just maintain a few copies of the same shirt too. But then the conversation turns to Joaquin and why he likes being the youngest family member.

His older siblings have broken in the parents

“My favorite thing about being the baby of the family is probably being able to learn from my brother and sister,” Joaquin says. “Because I’ve seen their high school experiences, and I also get away with probably more.”

He then doubles downs on his assertion that he gets away with more than his older siblings. “I’ve done things and not gotten …” he starts. But sister Lola injects, “You really wanna go there?” Meanwhile, Kelly leans in and says, “Yeah we really want you to go there. What things have you done?”

As she asks, Mark shakes his head. “No, no please don’t.” Joaquin continues. “But I haven’t gotten in trouble when maybe I should have.” Mark then wonders if perhaps years with the older children have helped the couple to relax the rules.

Joaquin likes how his older siblings paved the way

Lola agrees that perhaps her parents are less uptight. “Yeah, that’s how it goes,” she says. But then Mark jokes, “We’ve been worn down.”

Joaquin likes to point this out, gesturing to his siblings. “But they’ve gotten in trouble, and I haven’t.” Meanwhile, older brother Michael sits back and laughs. Joaquin recently found himself in a different kind of trouble during a wrestling match. Kelly and Mark were watching the match but didn’t realize their son had broken his nose.

“I was like, ‘What is going on?’ ” Kelly said, People recounts. “I tried to zoom in on my cell phone, I tried to zoom in, but even that I’m not really seeing much. And then they’re rubbing him. We’re still on the stands. And we’re like, ‘What? Why are they rubbing him?’ What we don’t know that we can’t see is that he’s bleeding and they’re wiping the blood off of him.” Although Joaquin broke his nose, he went onto win the match. She then added, “Did you know that when you break your nose while you’re wrestling, that they put tampons up there? I guess the doctor looked at him and said, ‘Put two tampons up there and call me in the morning.'”