Kelly Ripa Shares Her ‘It’s Ok/It’s Not Ok’ List During Quarantine and Fans Are Grateful For It

Talk show personality Kelly Ripa is known for her upbeat nature and quick sense of humor. A daily presence on Live with Kelly & Ryan, the daytime star is now heading the show with co-host Ryan Seacrest remotely due to the coronavirus crisis.

With the country under self-quarantine and facing unprecedented restrictions, Ripa took to Instagram to share some thoughts on when we all need to show some tough love and when we need to cut ourselves some slack.

Kelly Ripa attends The Paley Center For Media Presents
Kelly Ripa | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Kelly says it’s ‘ok’ to …

Ripa’s list encourages compassion for others as well as showing empathy to yourself. “It’s ok to feel scared and alone and helpless,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s ok to feel overwhelmed worrying about money, jobs and the sheer number of cases. It’s ok to think you’re developing symptoms every time you read a new news article. It’s ok to not know what to say to your kids when they ask why.”

The former All My Children star also touched on the frustration people are feeling with not being able to see loved ones or having to suddenly homeschool their kids. “It’s ok to not understand the math that your kids are doing in school,” she posted. “It’s ok to feel frustrated that you can’t hug your parents or convince them to stay inside.”

The talk show host also says we should give ourselves permission to take the easy route while under quarantine. “It’s ok to cook the same thing over and over then reheat the leftovers,” Ripa shared. “It’s ok to work from home in your pajamas. It’s ok to watch mindless TV. It’s even ok to make TikTok videos with your kids.”

Here’s what’s definitely not cool …

Calling out those who are breaking the current restrictions, price gouging, and stocking up on more than they should, Ripa gave her bullet points on what should definitely be avoided during this time.

“It is not ok to congregate in large groups. It’s not ok to shake hands. It is not ok to hoard toilet paper, food and alcohol,” Ripa wrote. “It is not ok to profiteer from hand sanitizer. It is not ok to pretend that you’re feeling fine if you aren’t It is not ok to not wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water.”

Reminding people to practice the golden rule, Ripa encouraged those struggling with fear to reach out for help. “It is not ok to only think of yourself. It is not ok to judge others ever, but especially now. It is not ok to give up. It is not ok to suffer anxiety attacks in silence,” she commented, pushing her followers to “be good to one another. … We’ll get through it together.”

Fans back up Ripa’s list

Ripa’s co-host humorously added his own items to the It’s Ok/It’s Not Ok list. “It’s okay to reach out and check on family and friends,” Seacrest said. “It’s not okay to talk trash during a game of Candy Land.”

Followers of Ripa posted their appreciation for the comforting words and clear reminders during this stressful time.

“Thank you for saying this this morning,” one fan wrote. “I am laid off and go through moments of anxiety and then back to normal- it’s nice to hear I’m not alone.”

“It is so ok to not understand your kids math,” a follower seconded. “Thank you for your words of encouragement,” another posted.

Hopefully fans will see Ripa and Seacrest back in the studio soon!