Kelsey Grammer Confirms ‘Frasier’ Reboot Will the Entire Original Cast Return?

Frasier aired its last episode on NBC almost 15 years ago, yet Kelsey Grammer is going all-in on a possible reboot. The hit sitcom — a spin-off of Cheers — is one of the most successful shows in the history of the network, and Grammer recently confirmed that he is trying his best to get a reboot off the ground. Here is everything we know about a Frasier reboot.

Kelsey Grammer Frasier
‘Frasier’ star Kelsey Grammer | Photo by Gale Adler/Paramount

Grammer dishes on ‘Frasier’ reboot

NBC has not confirmed plans to reboot the iconic series, but Grammer is definitely on board if he can find a network to give him the green light.

“My hope is that we can bring it back,” Grammer shared.

Although Grammer, who played the part of Frasier Crane in the series, has yet to get a network to pay for the reboot, he has been working hard to secure funding.

In a recent interview, the actor revealed that they have been meeting with several companies to launch the reboot. They have yet to convince anyone to take on the project, but he is hopeful that it will happen sooner rather than later.

While we wait for official confirmation, Grammer has a plan for where the story should go — and it is not what you might expect.

What will the ‘Frasier’ reboot look like?

According to Town and Country, Grammer does not want the story to pick up where the series ended. Instead, he hopes to tell a completely different story, though many of the same characters will be returning to action.

“We’re shopping for the right idea because I don’t think we should just pick up where we left off. Will and Grace has done a continuation, which is like the next day after they were last on the air–they picked up right where they left off. I don’t think that’s appropriate for Frasier,” he explained.

As fans will recall, Frasier ended with Grammer’s character moving out of town and seeking a new life in Chicago with his lover. We have no idea if things worked out for the main character, but Grammar revealed that fans will know everything in the reboot.

When it comes to the setting, Grammer still does not know which city Frasier currently calls home. We do know, however, that the series will not be set in Seattle like the original.

Grammer certainly has a lot of themes there to play with, but one storyline he is particularly interested in exploring revolves around Frasier’s dad, Martin Crane (John Mahoney). The actor previously revealed that he would love to explore a story about how Frasier’s son, Frederick, reminds him of his late father — which could be interesting to flush out.

Which cast members will return for the reboot?

Speaking of the late Mahoney, Grammer admitted that one of the first things to tackle is his character’s passing. But after that, he hopes to bring back everyone else.

This includes Jane Leeves (Daphne), David Hyde Pierce (Niles), and Peri Gilpin (Roz).

Although most of the main characters will be returning, Grammer does not envision Frasier hosting his old radio show in the reboot. Instead, he thinks his character probably got into the art business or could even be teaching classes as a professor.

At the end of the day, Grammer has not ironed out all of the details of the reboot, and it sounds like things are very early in the production process. That will likely change once a network picks up the series, but fans will have to wait until more information comes to light.

When might filming begin?

Grammer might still be ironing out the details of the Frasier reboot, but it is possible that filming could start as early as next year.

The actor, who was previously against rebooting the beloved show, recently revealed that he would like to start filming by next spring. That would, of course, depend on whether or not Grammer can secure a network for the project, but we have little doubt that he can make that happen.

If production does begin in the next few months, there is a chance that the show could premiere in late 2020 or early 2021.

Grammer originally appeared on Cheers before getting his own series in 1993. Frasier aired on NBC until 2004. Over the course of its run, the show took home a staggering 37 Emmys.

Until we learn more about the reboot, fans can re-watch all of their favorite Frasier episodes on Amazon Prime.