Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Most Controversial Photo Shoots Ever

The Kardashian clan never fails to attract attention, including the youngest two daughters of the family, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The sisters’ millions of Instagram followers get frequent glimpses of Kendall’s runway walks and Kylie’s makeup line — as well as plenty of racy footage that some say crosses the line.

Here, we’ll take a look at seven of Kendall and Kylie’s more controversial photo shoots. See which sister bared a lot for GQ (No. 4) and who shared intimate photos for her boyfriend’s birthday (No. 1). At the end, we’ll feature a fun, non-controversial throwback snapshot showing what the two young siblings looked like on the runway together back in 2012.

6. Kendall on Vogue India

Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue India.

Many people were unhappy with this Vogue India cover. | Vogue India via Instagram

Kendall received some backlash when she appeared on the May 2017 cover of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary issue. The choice to feature an American model over an Indian one was met with international outcry on social media. Many referred to it as a missed opportunity to showcase talented Indian women.

“This was an opportunity to really celebrate Indian heritage and culture,” one commenter stated. “To showcase the people of India. I hope you make better decisions moving forward, to be an inspiration to the people of India.”

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5. Kylie wearing cornrows

Kylie Jenner's mirror selfie.

This hairstyle offended many fans. | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

Kylie has been criticized multiple times for selfies she’s shared sporting cornrows. In this particular one from 2015, she appears to be on the set of a photo shoot. Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg addressed her directly in the Instagram comments, stating she was appropriating “black features and culture” but failing to user her “position of power to help black Americans.”

Others agreed in the comments. Many said women of color are shamed for wearing braids, while women like Kylie are praised for being trendy. The reality star was also criticized for wearing blackface in 2015.

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4. Kendall on GQ

Kendall Jenner smiling in her GQ shoot.

This photoshoot was very mature for the young woman. | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

When she was 19, Kendall appeared on the May 2015 cover of GQ, looking very grown up in a white two-piece bikini. For the photoshoot, the model also posed topless in a pair of Marc Jacob trousers with her underwear peeking out. In other shots, almost bared all in a crop top and lingerie. In the magazine interview, she talked about life on a reality show, her booming modeling career, and being surrounded by paparazzi.

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3. Kendall on Love Magazine

Kenall Jenner and Cara Delevinge on the cover of Love Magazine.

This cover caused quite a stir. | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

In 2015, Kendall and model pal Cara Delevingne graced the pages of glossy U.K. fashion magazine LOVE. In one particularly saucy shot, the two straddle each other in a passionate embrace; Kendall appearing to have thrown herself into her British friend’s arms. Kendall’s face is buried in Delevingne’s neck, while Delevigne’s head is dipped backwards.

Around that time, the two friends seemed thick-as-thieves, sharing snaps on Instagram posing in Mickey Mouse ears at Disney World and “living on the edge” in Austria.

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2. Kylie smoking pot

Kylie Jenner smoking in a photo.

Critics were concerned due to the fact that Kylie Jenner has many young and impressionable fans. | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

In June 2017, Kylie Instagrammed a black-and-white snap of her topless on a bed, smoking what appears to be a joint, while someone’s hand caresses her hair. Social media lit up with opinions on both ends of the spectrum. “Say what you like but Kylie uploading a pic smoking, despite knowing most of her followers are teenagers, says a lot about her as a person,” one commented.

The photo got more than 3 million likes. “I love this picture, the just .. leave me alone mood,” one supporter commented.

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1. Kylie posing topless with Tyga

KylieJenner posing with Tyga.

Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to mind the haters. | Kylie Jenner via Facebook

In November 2016, Kylie shared some very intimate professional photos when her then-boyfriend Tyga turned 27. In the first snap, the lip kit maven posed topless in a pair of unbuttoned jeans and nude stilettos, straddling the rapper. The second photo is a black-and-white featuring the couple in a similar pose while laughing. She captioned the photos appropriately, “Happy birthday baby,” and “Irreplaceable.”

“The first year we started hanging out, everyone around him told him not to be with me,” Kylie said in 2016. “I still get comments like, ‘Don’t be with him.’ But we’re not doing it for the public — we love each other. We need to be together at all times. We never get mad at each other, we just figure things out.”

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A younger Kendall and Kylie walk the runway

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner walking down a fashion runway.

Their modeling career started when they were very young. | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Several years back, Kendall and Kylie looked sweet in springtime pastels as they walked the runway together, arm in arm, in a 2012 fashion show at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

While in the past there was sibling rivalry, with Kylie being jealous of Kendall’s fledgling modeling career, Kendall said her sister has put that behind her. “Now she loves what I do and supports me. She’s very into fashion and always texts me when I’m doing a big show like, ‘That is the sickest thing ever! How were the clothes?’ It’s as much a part of her as it is mine,” Kendall said.

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