Who is Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Ben Simmons And What is His Net Worth?

Kendall Jenner has been dating her boyfriend Ben Simmons for a little while now. Although the star has always been pretty private about her life, she has been spotted in public on several occasions with Simmons and admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that the two have been dating for some time. But who is he?

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons composite
Left: Kendall Jenner | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Right: Ben Simmons | Nick Laham/Getty Images

Simmons plays basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers

22-year-old Simmons was born in Australia but moved to the United States to pursue a professional basketball career (his father is an American who played professional basketball in Australia). He attended high school in Montverde, Florida before spending one season at Louisiana State University. During his one season, Simmons shined but the team failed to make the NCAA tournament. However, he was unanimously looked at as a player with incredible potential. Simmons left school and entered the 2016 NBA draft, where he became the No. 1 overall pick and was selected by the 76ers. Simmons suffered an injury during his first season on the team and sat out, but was then selected Rookie of the Year in 2018.  

The two have been an item since Spring 2018

In May 2018, rumors began to swirl that there was something going on between the basketball star and the supermodel. According to E! News, the couple met through mutual friends and had begun hanging out in the spring. It was reported that sources close to Jenner said she was spending time with Simmons but the two weren’t officially dating. Jenner met up with him when she was out in New York City, and he caught up with her when he was out in Los Angeles. Friends of Jenner’s said that she liked him and he’d been to her house, but it didn’t seem like things were moving super quickly between the pair.

Jenner keeps very private about their relationship

The two have been spotted numerous times since then, and Jenner recently admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on Ellenthat they have been dating for a little while now. However, in typical Jenner fashion, she didn’t say too much about the relationship. (Jenner has been known to keep pretty quiet about her personal life.) She hardly answered any of DeGeneres’ questions — but who can blame her? Jenner grew up in the spotlight, and she’s old enough now to decide when she wants to keep things to herself. However, based on the photos, it looks like these two are spending a lot of time together.

Simmons is worth about $75 million — more than his supermodel girlfriend

Simmons’ basketball career has treated him well. The 76er is worth an estimated $75 million today. He reportedly has a four-year contract with the team for close to $30 million. Meanwhile, Jenner is the highest paid supermodel in the world. She’s worth an estimated $30 million today. These two lovebirds are very successful in both of their industries. And by keeping their love lives private, they spare themselves from the media — which may be the key to a long-lasting relationship.

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