Kendall Jenner Looks Stunning In These Instagram Swimsuit Photos

If you follow any of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters on Instagram, you know that they love showing off their curves in as little clothing as possible. Being a supermodel, Kendall Jenner is an especially big fan of sharing bikini pics with her more than 91 million followers.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of her most stunning swimsuit photos that will give you summer vibes any time of year.

Jenner and man’s best friend

Kendall Jenner and dog

Kendall Jenner and dog | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

In May 2018, Jenner posted a pic of herself looking cool and relaxed as she soaked up some sun while sporting a blue bikini bottom with a red-and-blue bikini top. Lounging by her side was a large black dog the model mentioned in her caption.

“Cute but she’ll rip your face off,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wrote alongside the pic of her and her four-legged sun-bathing buddy.

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In a thong bikini

Just like her famous siblings, Jenner also wears thong bikinis from time to time and flashes her derrière on social media.

In April 2018, she posted these pics showing off her killer body in an itsy-bitsy leopard print bikini with the caption, “Keeping my feelings low key.”

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She’s ready to ride some waves

Kendall Jenner on a Jet Ski

Kendall Jenner on a Jet Ski | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

Jenner gave us all some serious beach vibes in May 2017 when she posted a pic posing on a black Jet Ski. She looked amazing in a tiny olive-green two piece which we’re guessing is one of her favorite swimsuits since we’ve seen her rock it a few other times in the past.

“You won’t find me,” she captioned the photo.

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Jenner goes glam in pizza shirt

In this Instagram shot from June 2017, the reality star looked super glamorous with her hair half up and dramatic makeup as she posed in a plaid bikini with a cropped white tee.

The writing on the T-shirt said “Pizza Boys” so Jenner appropriately captioned the photo with three pizza slice emojis.

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She looks just as good in one-pieces

Kendall Jenner in the ocean

Kendall Jenner in the ocean | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

Jenner doesn’t only share photos of herself in two-piece swimsuits. She stunned in a one-piece in this photo from July 2017 that featured an equally stunning backdrop.

The model had on a pair of shades and a blue bathing suit with “USA” printed across the front of it as she knelt down in water. We’re not exactly sure of the location where the pic was taken, but it sure looked like a warm and sunny paradise — which may be why Jenner captioned the post with a simple smiley face.

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Jenner’s pretty in yellow

Kendall Jenner taking a photo

Kendall Jenner taking a photo | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

Not everyone can pull off canary yellow, but Jenner sure can. She looked as fabulous as ever in this pic from November 2017. Yes, November, when much of the country is bracing for snow and cold temps Jenner was heating things up in this skimpy yellow swimsuit aboard a yacht.

“Peaches and the mangos,” she wrote alongside the pic.

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She’s living the good life

Kendall Jenner on a boat

Kendall Jenner on a boat | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

In a photo from May 2017, the star looked super chic and sophisticated in her bikini top as she posed on board boat with a glass of wine in her hand. Jenner appeared not to have care in the world as she captioned the shot, “Carefree Kenny.”

What we care about is if that’s the same olive-green bikini she’s worn many other times? If so, we’re convinced, it’s definitely her fave.

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Flamingo time

Kendall Jenner on a flamingo float

Kendall Jenner on a flamingo float | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

In another photo from May 2017, Jenner is again aboard a yacht but this time she has some inflatable floats. Leave it to her to look sexy while acting goofy riding a large flamingo float.

She went all out for this pic with a large hat and shades to complete her look and we love that her bathing suit of choice matched perfectly with the flotation device.

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Jenner and her big sis

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

This photo shows the runway model sunning herself on the yacht with her big sis Kourtney Kardashian. The two ladies looked amazing in their sparkling bikinis. Jenner donned a turquoise one while Kardashian sizzled in a pink-colored one.

“Legally blonde vibes,” Jenner captioned the post with a swimsuit emoji.

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