Kendall Jenner Fans Are Convinced She Got a Nose Job

Kendall Jenner shocked fans yesterday when she posted a video showing off a new hair color. Where the 24-year-old model had been rocking dark brown locks before, she recently switched it up for a much lighter look. Almost bronze in color, the model seems to be trying something new just in time for the new decade. And while Jenner’s fans seem to love the look on her, they’re convinced that her hair isn’t the only thing on her face that’s new.

Kendall Jenner with dark hair on Giambattista runway
Kendall Jenner | Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner unveils new hair color

On December 17, 2019, Jenner took to her Instagram page to show off a video debuting her new hair color. Posting a video that has already racked up over 14.5 million views, she shared the fresh look with her 120 million followers. In the video, Jenner is seen pouting to the camera with a bold red lip before tousling her new locks and swaying back and forth to music in the background. “I’m sleepy,” Jenner captioned the video.

Fans on Instagram weigh in on the new color

Almost instantaneously, Jenner began receiving positive feedback about her new hairdo. Many of her fans believed that that new color and beachy texture looked great on her. Other fans believed that she was so beautiful she could rock just about any hair color or style. Jenner’s older sister, Kim Kardashian West, certainly took the time to give her stamp of approval on the new look. “The most beautiful girl in the world, ” the KKW Fragrance owner shared. “The most beautiful sister out of all of them, ” a fan of Jenner’s co-signed.

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i’m sleepy

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Of course, not all of the feedback was positive. Many Instagram users felt that Jenner’s caption was less than impressive. “Then go to sleep then, TF,” one person commented. “This is so incredibly cringy. The second-hand embarrassment is so real. Just go to sleep,” another person wrote. Others were unbothered by the caption, but instead took issue with the amount of makeup the 24-year-old was wearing. “Why are you wearing so much makeup. You’re the only Kardashian that doesn’t need make up. You’re genuinely beautiful but this video makes you look worse than you normally do. Not that you’ll see this as you have god knows how many followers,” one person wrote on the video.

People are convinced the model got a nose job

But, plenty of Jenner fans and critics barely noticed her new hairstyle. Instead, they focused on her nose. Citing that it seemed smaller and slimmer than normal, they were thoroughly convinced that the highest-paid model in the world had gotten a nose job. Though Jenner has been firm in the past that she has not received plastic surgery, as she gets paid for her face as is, plenty of her fans are thoroughly unconvinced.

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“All this new rhinoplasty that I see,” one fan commented on the video. “This new nose tho,” another chimed in. “She has started to look like Kylie‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️… Plastics,” another person wrote about Jenner. “K I need a nose job asap, ” one Instagram user wrote, clearly liking Jenner’s alleged results. Of course, other fans of Jenner’s rushed to her defense stating that she didn’t get a nose job, but rather was using a camera filter. “No, it’s a filter. I’ve used the exact same filter before,” one user said adamantly. Whether Jenner truly has gotten a nose job is unclear. But, as long as she’s happy with her hair and the rest of her face, it makes no difference to us.