Kendall Jenner Has a Workout That Takes Less Time Than a Coffee Break

If you have enough time for a 15-minute, mid-morning coffee break, then you have enough time to work out. If you’re Kendall Jenner, that is. The well-known super model has a tiny figure that you probably think takes hours of daily exercise to maintain each day. However, Jenner actually has one workout that only takes 11 minutes to complete. It’s rigorous, but it evidently works.

Kendall Jenner and dog

Kendall Jenner has an 11-minute workout that she swears by. | Kendall Jenner via Instagram

The workout targets glutes and abdominals

It would be difficult to hit every area of the body in an 11-minute workout, so Jenner targets two areas: The glutes and abs. By working these areas vigorously for 11 minutes, the workout aims to get the heart rate up and increase the intensity for a worth-it workout that helps you avoid the crowded gym. According to Vogue Paris, the exercises center mostly around planks and leg workouts, and none of them take more than 30 seconds.

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Standard plank | capdesign/

Jenner starts with a standard plank. Start with your stomach on the ground, and lift yourself up so your forearms are supporting your body. Lift your feet off the ground to support your legs, and contract your stomach muscles for 30 seconds.

From there, go into a straight-arm plank. Straighten your arms fully with your palms on the ground, so your hands are essentially supporting the top of your body. Keep your feet in the same position as before, and contract the stomach muscles for 30 seconds.

Then, drop back down to the standard plank position. Turn to the side, so only one forearm and foot are supporting your body. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch to the other side and hold for 15 seconds.

Afterward, return to the side plank position. If you’re on your left arm, take your right leg and lift it as high as you can, then lower it. Repeat this five times, then do the same on the other side with the opposite leg.

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Side plank |

Return to the standard plank position, with both forearms in front of you. Lift your right forearm and your left leg, and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

Now, in the standard plank position, rock your toes up and back a bit to rock your entire body. Rock back and forth on your toes for 15 seconds.

Revert back to the standard plank position. Bring your right knee as close to your right elbow as you can. Repeat this five times, then do so with left knee and elbow.

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and do 20 regular sit ups, bringing your chest as close to your knees as possible.

Lie flat on the floor once more. This time, swing your right leg over to the left side, then back. Now, swing your left leg to the right side. Repeat this for 30 seconds.

Lie flat on the floor again. With your hands flat on the floor and arms at your sides, lift your legs straight up into the air, as high as you can without moving your buttocks. Slowly lower them. Do this for 20 seconds.

Lie on your back. Bring the bottoms of your feet up against each other. Your legs should bend about 90 degrees outward when you do this. Lift your neck and back as if you’re doing a regular crunch, but keep your feet together. Lower your neck and back again. You should look somewhat like a frog when you do this. Repeat the frog crunch 15 times.

Now, do a regular crunch, but twist your head to the right and left with each crunch. Make sure not to move your back. Repeat this 15 times.

Finally, lie with your back on the floor. Lift one leg gently off the ground as high as you can, then lower it. Repeat this 15 times, then do the same with the other leg.

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