Kevin Hart Has Returned To Instagram With An Emotional Video After His Car Crash

There was a time when actor/comedian Kevin Hart was constantly on Instagram. However, after a harrowing car crash on September 1, 2019 — the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor vanished from the spotlight. If you know anything about Hart’s career, fans were extremely alarmed since the Philadelphia-born actor is constantly in films and touring around the world. 

After the Sept. 1 crash near Hart’s home in Malibu, California — the public was given a few details about what happened. We knew that Hart, his trainer and his trainer’s fiancée were driving around in the actor’s vintage car that he’d purchased in July in celebration of his 40th birthday. The Ride Along actor was seated on the passenger’s side when the vehicle rolled down an embankment in Malibu Hills.

Hart suffered major back injuries, while the woman in the car was able to walk away with minor scrapes and bruises. The driver also suffered major back issues and was airlifted to the hospital from the scene of the crash. Though Hart has been doing light press for his forthcoming movie, Jumanji: The Next Level — this is the first time the public has seen or heard from him in two months. 

Kevin Hart’s emotional Instagram video

As Hart’s emotional video opens — he begins narrating saying, “Basically what you realize is that you’re not in control. No matter how much you think you’re in control, you’re not in control. At the end of the day, it can all be over, man.” As we hear the comedian’s voice — there are clips of news footage from the accident as well as terrifying images of the demolished car that he was riding in.

Words appear on the screen that read “September 1, 2019, I was involved in an accident, my world was changed forever.” In the video, we watch Hart’s road to recovery. As the actor works out and does his rehabilitation, the scar from his back surgery can be seen. We also see him wearing a massive back brace throughout much of the two-minute clip.

Later we see Hart interacting with his wife, children, and friends with his doctor telling him that his recovery will take about one year.

How is Kevin Hart really doing after his car crash?

From the video — it looks like Hart has a new lease on life and that he’s truly thankful for a second chance. After being discharged from the hospital 10 days after the accident –Hart moved into a rehabilitation center. He believes that his accident was God’s way of telling him to slow down. In his voice-over he says,

When God talks, you got to listen. I swear, life is funny because some of the craziest things that happen to you end up being the things you needed most. After my accident, I see things differently. I see life from a whole new perspective and my appreciation for life is through the roof.

He goes on to thank his friends and loved ones for remaining by his side throughout his arduous recovery.

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When will Kevin Hart return to work?

Though the Fatherhood actor has a heavily modified schedule — Hart will be taking it easy for the duration of 2019. As he told his doctor –he’s not looking to rush his recovery. Andrew Brettler, Hart’s attorney, told Entertainment Weekly,

While he’s doing a little work here and there for the film, he doesn’t expect to be fully back to work until the new year. Although he can walk on his own, he is still sitting throughout most of the day and needs to work on his physical therapy.

We’re just glad that Hart is doing well.