Kevin Hart Reveals Why He’s Not the Biggest Fan of Las Vegas

Kevin Hart is known for his comedy, which takes him across the country and around the globe. Hart is, without a doubt, well-traveled thanks to his career. But is there one place he dislikes? Turns out, yes. Hart is reportedly not a fan of Sin City — Las Vegas — and you’ll want to know why. Keep reading to learn more.

Why was Kevin Hart recently in Las Vegas?

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Kevin Hart was recently in Las Vegas to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Kimmel recently made his way back to his adopted hometown of Las Vegas — he admitted he has always wanted to host the show in the city that raised him. Well, he’s finally got to realize that dream and broadcast an entire week’s worth of shows from The Zappos Theater. His guests included Tiffany Haddish, Seth Rogan, singer James Taylor who he’s adored since his formative years, and the hilarious Kevin Hart.

What did Kevin Hart talk about with Jimmy Kimmel?

Hart may not be the wealthiest comedian in history, but that doesn’t mean he can’t blow a few hundred at the blackjack table! In his Vegas-based interview with Kimmel, Hart shared some feelings about the City of Lost Wages. The comedian had no problem describing his love-hate relationship with the Casino Capital.

Why does Kevin Hart dislike Las Vegas?

Hart is a fan of card games, specifically poker and blackjack! During the Kimmel interview, he reminisced about his most memorable Vegas game. It all started with him getting two eights. He couldn’t believe his luck, so he made sure to lay down a hefty bet. Ultimately he split his first four cards which ended up being all eights It was super stressful but like Hart said, “scared money don’t make money!”

With four eights on his side, he proceeded the game. His first flipped card was a three putting him at 11. The dealer encouraged him to double down, so he did. For his second card, he got a two giving him an even 10. The dealer egged him on some more, “Oh my god, you gotta double down again!” Of course, the pint-sized comedian kept the flow going. His next two pulls were both tens, so he ended up with 11, 10, and two 18s. Not a bad hand!

The dealer than began to reveal her hand. Her first card, the one that was shown the entire time, was a six. Her second card was a five, then a three, followed by an ace. That put her at 15. Hart was sweating bullets when she flipped her last card — a six. Just like that, the game was over! She pulled 21 and swiped his money without even making eye contact!

Hart couldn’t believe his eyes. He was pissed off and went on his walk of shame back to his hotel room. But, before he could even leave the table, a bystander made sure to wrap up the experience with a little comment that stuck with him to this day, “Man that sh*t is crazy ain’t it.” So true stranger, so true.

What did Kevin Hart’s unbearable losses pay for?

Hart admitted he has terrible luck in Sin City. It’s almost as if the city has a vendetta against him! To cope with his losses, he’s begun connecting casino upgrades with his own failures. In other words, every time a casino gets a boost after his lost…Hart takes credit!

He told Kimmel of two casinos that snatched his money for luxurious upgrades. The Cosmopolitan over at 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd installed a beautiful chandelier and the Aria at 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd went boujee with leather walls and a brand new elevator.  Each of these enhancements undoubtedly came at a pretty high cost. One that Hart’s sure he’s shouldered all his own thanks to his never-ending lousy luck streak