Kevin Hart’s Reaction to Lil Nas X’s Decision to Come Out as Gay Is Being Dragged on Twitter

When Lil Nas X came out as gay on June 30, he received widespread support and praise from fans and critics alike. After all, it’s not every day that you see a rapper coming out — and certainly not at the height of their success.

But his announcement also received side-eye, with many wondering why the “Panini” rapper decided to share his sexuality with the world. 

It’s been more than a month since then, and now Lil Nas X is finally commenting on why he made his announcement. He spoke about his decision in a Sept. 3 interview on HBO’s The Shop, but it didn’t go as smoothly as he’d probably hoped. Fellow celebrity guest Kevin Hart kept interrupting him and seemingly implied that Lil Nas X’s announcement was unnecessary.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart | Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Lil Nas X’s interview on The Shop was intense

At one point in the conversation, marketing executive Paul Rivera asked Lil Nas X about his decision to come out amid the success of his viral hit, “Old Town Road,” which spent a record 19 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100.

“With all that early success, you felt it was important to make an announcement recently?” Rivera asked.

But before Lil Nas X could answer for himself, Hart blurted out, “He said he was gay! So what?”

Lil Nas X went on to explain how his adolescent years motivated him to make his announcement, saying, “I’m growing up to hate [homosexuality].”

“Hate what?” Hart interrupted again. “Hate what? Why?”

The “F9mily” rapper seemed stunned, responding, “Come on now.”

“If you’re really from the hood, you know,” he added.

It seems likely that the comedian would know. As the world’s highest-earning comedian who grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hart has faced backlash over many anti-gay remarks. He reportedly even decided not to host the 2019 Oscars rather than apologize for a series of homophobic tweets (though he did eventually).

Nevertheless, Lil Nas X went on to further detail his decision to come out, explaining that he wanted it to feel real. “If you’re doing this while you’re at the top, you know it’s, like, for real. And it, like, doesn’t really matter.

The reactions to the clip are not happy

Many people took to Twitter to criticize Hart, slamming him for interrupting Lil Nas X and accusing him of gaslighting.

“Lil Nas X is a gift. He continues to be courageous and wise. But putting him in a situation to be gaslit by known homophobes about his choice to come out is terrible,” one person tweeted.

“Kevin attempting to come off as the ‘enlightened’ one here when he literally lost the biggest job of his life due to homophobia is big jokes,” commented another.

“I’ve watched the clip several times now and Kevin really comes off poorly here. ‘He’s gay; so what!’ took away Lil Nas X’s ability to say it first for himself and an attempt TO ME to derail and downplay the convo. Like ‘We know! No need to discuss it. Move on.’ It’s not cool,” read another tweet.

Lil Nas X has an open mind

Although people are clearly upset with Hart, Lil Nas X kept his cool in the interview. So, maybe he’s not as angry as some others.

Besides, Lil Nas X seemed to predict the backlash in his announcement. 

He wrote in a tweet that he knew “some of y’all not gone [f*ck with me] no more,” but that it was OK anyways. The tweet encouraged followers to listen to his song, “C7osure,” which doesn’t directly mention his sexuality, but highlights the importance of embracing one’s true self.

As of writing, Hart has not commented on the backlash. He’s currently recovering from a car accident that resulted in severe back injuries. But maybe he’ll comment on all this drama soon. We’ll see.