Kevin Smith Says Goodbye to His Beloved Dog Louis

Director Kevin Smith shared that his beloved dog Louis has passed away. He knew his aging chocolate Labrador Retrieve was struggling in June when he shared she was having a tough time getting up and walking.

He posted to Instagram, “This is Louis (aka Pooey) – the dog I never talk about but love dearly,” he shared. “She’s 15 and near the end of her run, so she relies on me for everything. When folks suggest putting the old girl to sleep, I say ‘Why? She gets plenty of that.'”

Kevin Smith arrives at the premiere of Saban Films' "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot"
Kevin Smith arrives at the premiere of Saban Films’ “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot” |Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Smith added that he used a scarf that he fashioned into a sling to help Louis get up and walk too. “The #CatDog “magic walking scarf” is how we get around: I sling the scarf under her hips and lift so she doesn’t have to support her own weight when she gets up or walks. Essentially, the scarf and I act as her back legs now. Whoever stuffed it into the @lootcrate box I received years back had zero clue this licensed notion would give anybody the power to actually walk. You see a novelty scarf but Pooey and I see salvation.”

Smith prepared himself and his family

However, only a few days after Thanksgiving, Smith knew he had to make the heartbreaking decision many dog owners face when their dog is elderly. “This is Louis, the third dog I’ve ever owned and the perennial middle child in our extended canine family,” he shared. “Sadly, after 15 years in the Smith/Schwalbach house, blind-ish, deaf and crippled Poo-Poo will be leaving us tomorrow.”

He continued, “I’ve only had to make this heartbreaking choice for a voiceless best friend once before – with our second dog, Mulder (Scully, our first dog, passed in her sleep) and I still reel whenever I think of whether or not I even had a right to decide to end one of my favorite lives.’

Although he knew he was making the right decision, he still felt wrecked about having to make it. “And now, I’ll carry this choice for Louis like a cross the rest of my life, racked with guilt over calling the Vet for that last house call. The next 24 hours will be nothing but love and food for my favorite chocolate Lab in the world. This is the only downside to loving dogs: having to let them go. I know it’s time, but I’m not sure I have the strength to say g’bye…”

Saying goodbye is impossible

Smith shared the final moments he had with Louis. He posted a photo hugging his sweet pup. “Good Girl. In the comfort of her own home, with a belly full of meats and treats, while being petted by her entire family, Louis Vuitton Schwalbach Smith passed away this morning. She came into our lives on January 1st, 2004, as the sweetest and most curious little scientist on four legs.”

“Louis became Byron and Gail’s de facto doggo, until Jen’s parents started spending more time In Hawaii,” he continued. “When Pouis rejoined life on our floor of the house, she always regarded us as peculiar – studying Jen and I more so than cuddling up to us. For the last year, I’ve been acting as her back legs – so we all knew the clock was ticking.”

“After losing 3 Labs to old age, I have a take on the expense of owning a canine: Dogs are free – only their departure is ever costly. Fare the well, Louis! While you may have left our world today, you will remain in your family’s hearts forever,” he emotionally shared. “You were an amazing friend and dog who made us all better people. I miss you already. I will miss you all the days of my life.”