Kevin Smith’s Instagram Reminds Fans That ‘Clerks’ Is Still His First Love

Kevin Smith Jay Mewes | Kevin Smith Instagram

Even though Clerks debuted almost 25 years ago, director Kevin Smith‘s latest Instagram photos prove he still sees the indie film as his seminal gateway to filmmaking. Smith was only 24 years old when his first film debuted. And even though time has passed, it still holds a special place in Smith’s heart–literally.

Most recently, Smith took to Instagram to honor not only the film itself but the actor who played the befuddled convenience store clerk, Dante Hicks. And over the years Smith has liked to refer to the film on several occasions, proving his first film baby just might be his favorite.

He wished Brian O’ Halloran ‘happy birthday’ this way

O’Halloran played the protagonist, Dante Hicks in Clerks. He begrudgingly has to be on call at his job as a convenience store clerk. Stating several times throughout the day that he wasn’t even supposed to be at work when things went afoul.

So in honor of O’ Halloran’s December birthday, Smith posted an image of the friends from Clerks and today. “Happy Birthday to the guy who plays me in movies, Dante Hicks himself, indie film icon @briancohalloran! You ARE supposed to be here today, and every day! Thank you for being in this world and helping me sing my first song 25 years ago! Have a happy berfday and I’ll see you on the #jayandsilentbobreboot set, sir!”

Smith and Jay got to play rooftop hockey too

Jay and Silent Bob recreated their rooftop hockey moment, mini-style. Smith said he bid and won a rooftop hockey replica of the convenience store, complete with the rink.

Along with Clerks co-star, Jay Mewes, Smith checked out the new toy. Smith posted several pictures and wrote, “Rooftop hockey on a tiny table! The good folks at @partypuckshandcrafted this incredibly detailed rod hockey game that I won on @ebay! Because I have an extremely limited set of skills, I asked resident handyman @jaymewes to assemble it for me. Then, @jayandsilentbobtried to get up in each other’s five-holes!”

Plus this was his reference following a heart attack

Last year Smith suffered a serious heart attack. Which ultimately led to him dropping a significant amount of weight. After Smith was back on his feet and feeling better, he took to Instagram and, of course, made a Clerks reference.

“Today, August 2nd, 2018, I am 48 years old,” Smith posted. “This is me leaning against the wall that changed my life. Speaking of life, I almost didn’t make it out alive this year. So in the words of the great Dante Hicks ‘I’m not even supposed to be here today!’ If you’re looking to get me a cheap but meaningful gift? Help me green light my new show #hollyweed (link in my bio)!”

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