Khloe Kardashian and Friends Speak Out Against Jordyn Woods’ Upcoming ‘Red Table Talk’ Interview

Usually, addressing a problem head-on is a great way to clear the air and make amends for whatever you did wrong. Which is probably what Jordyn Woods thought when she agreed to go on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk. But she was sadly mistaken.

What Jordyn Woods will discuss on ‘Red Table Talk’

For those of you who don’t have your Ph.Ds in Kardashian drama, let’s catch you up to speed on what’s been going on.

A few weeks ago, basketball player Tristan Thompson flew to L.A. to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian and their baby, True. However, while he was there, he decided to attend a party. Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Woods, was also at the event and the two were seen making out and hanging all over each other throughout the night.

People immediately told Kardashian what was going on and she broke things off with her baby’s father.

Since then, things have been going downhill for poor Woods. She’s had to move out of Jenner’s mansion and back in with her mother, several of her friends aren’t speaking to her, and her new Eylure eyelash collaboration is now going for half off at Ulta.

In order to make things better, Woods agreed to go on Pinkett Smith’s popular Facebook roundtable Red Table Talk. Unfortunately for Woods, the Kardashian crew isn’t too happy about her upcoming interview. Especially since Woods signed an NDA with the family.

“She can’t talk about the family, so it’s unclear what she’s going to be able to say to Jada,” a source told People. “She can apologize but can’t talk about anything really beyond that in terms of the family.”

Kardashian’s friends react

Since the interview announcement, Kardashian’s friends have been throwing some serious shade at Woods.

Kardashian’s best friend Malika Haqq responded to a fan’s Instagram comment, calling Woods out for her flimsy excuse of being too drunk the night she hooked up with Thompson.

“I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again, but I damn sure won’t make excuses (alcohol) in an interview to gain self pity and save face,” she commented. “No one in my life would condone that coward like behavior.”

Kardashian’s long time friend Larsa Pippen was also quick to come to the reality star’s aid.

When Hollywood Unlocked posted a video about Wood’s Red Table Talk interview, Pippen commented on the situation.

“Can’t wait to see which version of her story she tells,” Pippen wrote. “Hope it’s the same she told @khloekardashian when she checked her.”

Khloe Kardashian’s reaction to Woods.

While Kardashian hasn’t said a lot about Woods’ upcoming interview, she has found her own way to throw jabs at the model. The reality star has been liking a number of fan tweets regarding the situation.

“She slept with Khloe’s baby daddy and they haven’t even publicly said ONE bad thing about her, just unfollowed her. So how is that the Kardashians’ fault? Jordyn smeared her own name,” one tweet read.

Another person retweeted a video announcing Woods’ interview and slammed the model’s actions.

“I really don’t understand the point of this,” the person tweeted. “There’s no way she can justify what she did.”

Wood’s Red Table Talk interview is set to air on Friday, Mar. 1.

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