Khloé Kardashian Fans Are Clowning Her & Her Sisters After a Hypocritical Tweet

As a celebrity, Khloé Kardashian is used to getting her fair share of bad press. For every fan that follows her blindly on Twitter or Instagram, there is at least one critic ready and willing to give their less than favorable opinions about the 36-year-old. These days, it seems that people have even less tolerance for Kardashian and her famous family. In fact, even some fans seem fed up with her behavior.

Khloé Kardashian Twitter
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Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, life had looked quite different for many Americans. This is especially true of California natives, as the state was the first to adopt a strict stay-at-home policy. When the news broke, Kardashian and her sisters urged fans to stay at home. But, as more time passed, they began to get more lax about practicing what they preached.

Khloé Kardashian speaks out on Twitter

Though California had slowly begun to reopen, Governor Gavin Newsom felt it prudent to backtrack and once again shut down movie theatres, museums, and indoor dining. Seeing the news, Kardashian took to her Twitter page to give her two cents about the escalating situation in her home state of California.

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“People are not taking #COVID19 seriously! Everyone please stay safe and together we can stop the spread. Thank you @GavinNewsom for trying to protect our state. Sending you all my love and prayers! We will get through this,” Kardashian wrote on her Twitter page. While some fans appreciated Kardashian’s sentiment, many people felt that Kardashian was being incredibly hypocritical.

Fans and critics felt that the ‘KUWTK’ star was being hypocritical

Many people felt that Kardashian had no business proclaiming that people weren’t taking the virus seriously. Particularly since she, and her family, have been traveling, throwing and attending parties without wearing masks. In fact, the Good American co-founder recently celebrated her 36th birthday with a party. Though she claimed the party was “family only”, photographic evidence proved that she was lying and friends attended also.

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Fans and critics alike began to shade Kardashian for her hypocritical tweet. “Girl weren’t you just throwing a massive party at your house, sis?” one person questioned. “Yep. No masks and no distance,” another person added. “Sorry I’m a fan but the whole family was partying and seeing friends. Kylie and Stass, party for Scott c’mon Khloe,” one fan wrote. “Love you Koko but weren’t your sisters interstate a couple of days ago?” yet another person questioned.

Kardashian celebrated a new age with a huge birthday party

People were particularly disgusted by the KarJenner clan’s propensity to throw lavish parties amidst a pandemic. “But you’re allowed to still throw your lavish bday parties and such?! Makes sense,” one person wrote, addressing Kardashian sarcastically. “Didn’t you have a birthday party too? you gotta set an example too, that’s not allowed,” yet another person added.

“Kim hosted North’s birthday party for family and many other’s kids in Wyoming. Khloe hosted lavish birthday party, over 10 in attendance. Kylie flew bunch of friends to Utah. Kim & Kanye meeting strangers right now in Dominican Republic. No masks and no distance for any of it,” another person added. Clearly, Kardashian’s fans are not interested in her hypocritical musings. Hopefully, she and her family will start practicing what they preach sooner rather than later.