Khloé Kardashian Fans Can’t Get Over How ‘Happy’ She Looks in This Childhood Photo

There’s no question that the Kar-Jenners have all had struggles and missteps during their years in the public eye. But if there’s one sister who seems to have struggled more than the others, it’s probably Khloé Kardashian.

From weight issues to humiliating romantic losses, and even cruel rumors about her father, Khloe has had a lot to grapple with. But a photo from her childhood recently reminded fans that it wasn’t always like this for little Khloe. 

Khloé Kardashian’s public scrutiny

Khloé Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

There’s never been a shortage of drama in any of the Kar-Jenners’ lives, but Khloe has had some unusual challenges as well. The Mirror explains that she had a weight problem when she was younger. This can be difficult for anyone, but it was especially hard for someone who is so often in front of cameras.

People not only criticized her weight, they compared her tall frame unfavorably to her petite sisters. Fortunately, she eventually turned this problem to her advantage, learning the best exercise and diet plan to reduce her weight, and selling it in a book and TV series, Revenge Body

Besides that, she went through a painful divorce, followed by a relationship with Tristan Thompson that ended after his infidelity became public. The couple has since decided to give their relationship another try

Although it isn’t as important as her other problems, Khloe is not as adept at using social media as her sisters, something that is problematic in a family that is famous for being famous. 

And then there are the painful issues around her late father. 

Khloé and her dad

Khloe’s father was Robert Kardashian Sr., Kris’ first husband. After his death from cancer in 2003, Khloe, who was 19 at the time, struggled to cope. According to People, she turned to excessive drinking and binge eating. Until her big sister, Kourtney intervened, Khloe was on a path that she believes would have landed her in rehab. 

Although she’s since put her life back together, she’s constantly battled rumors that Robert Sr. wasn’t actually her biological father. Because she looks different from her sisters in some ways, such as her height, people suggest that she was conceived when Kris supposedly had an affair. No matter how many times the family refutes the rumors, they persist. 

But recently fans revisited an old photograph of Khloe that reminds them how happy she once was. 

A sweet picture from her childhood

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Recently on Reddit, a discussion started when someone posted a picture of Khloe as a child, sitting on her father’s lap. People remarked about how cute she was and many couldn’t help noticing how happy she looked. 

“Khloe is soooo beautiful and that hairrrr! Such a precious and sweet photo,” the original poster said. “I love this picture though they both look so happy.”

“I love this picture it’s so sweet,” another agreed.

Unsurprisingly, the rumor about Khloe’s parentage came up, but commenters were quick to shut that down. 

“I’m so sick of the “Robert isn’t Khloe’s biological dad” narrative,” one said. “It is kinda disgusting for so many people to comment on this as if it some casual thing to denounce a childs paternity.”

Others agreed, and one person pointed out, “to me Khloé and Robert Sr. have the exact same eye shape and similar spacing between their eyes.”

Regardless, people seemed to focus on how cute and happy she looked, with comments such as, “Aw she’s so adorable here.”

Khloe may have had more than her share of difficulties, but as fans realized looking back on a picture of her as a child, she’s also had some pretty happy days.