Khloe Kardashian Is Not Getting Back With Tristan Thompson But She Desperately Wants Him In Her Life For One Reason

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been through a lot this past year. The couple started dating in 2016, welcomed a daughter together, and survived cheating allegations. Despite that, they suddenly broke up in February 2019 after it was revealed that Thompson had cheated on her with family friend Jordyn Woods.

Even though Kardashian and Thompson have been broken up for several months now, many people still think that they could get back together. However, insiders recently revealed that Kardashian does not want to take Thompson back and will only have him in her life for one specific reason.

Tristan Thompson is trying to win Khloe Kardashian back

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A few months ago, Kardashian revealed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Thompson had been trying to get back with her. She shared that he sent her “countless amounts of flowers, calls, texts.” He even tried to get her to go on a trip with him.

In September, Thompson sent Kardashian an expensive Porsche, though that move did not seem to impress Kardashian that much.

Thompson has been public about his feelings for Kardashian as well. In November, after Kardashian was named People’s Choice Award’s Reality Star of 2019, Thompson wrote on Instagram: “Congrats Momma Koko on winning best reality star 2019, that’s two years in a row. Two time champ. I love the sound of that. So proud of all you have accomplished this year.”

A source also confirmed to E! News that Thompson is being very persistent because “he knows he made a big mistake and lost the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”

Fans suspect Khloe Kardashian would take Tristan Thompson back

While Kardashian has not been budging much at Thompson’s moves, a lot of fans believe that she eventually will.

This is because of the fact that Kardashian took Thompson back multiple times throughout their relationship even though he kept cheating on her. They even welcomed a daughter, True, together in 2018 despite many reports of infidelity on Thompson’s part.

Fans also remember watching Thompson acting rudely towards Kardashian’s family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but she still stood by him. As such, it makes sense to a lot of onlookers that deep down Kardashian wants to be with Thompson no matter what.

Some people have even stated that, at this point, they no longer have sympathy for Kardashian if she gets back together with Thompson. A fan on Reddit said: “If she tries to play the victim the next time he cheats I swear to god…”

Sources say Khloe Kardashian does not want to take Tristan Thompson back

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Despite all the speculations from fans, sources close to Kardashian maintain that she has no plans to take Thompson back at the moment.

Earlier this month, an insider told People that “she is flattered that he is trying to win her back, but not flattered enough to be in a romantic relationship with him.” However, the source did add that “who knows what will happen in the future.”

The insider, then, clarified that Kardashian and Thompson still communicate a lot, but it is all for the sake of co-parenting their daughter together, saying: “Right now she is focused on just getting along with him so they can have the best family time together with True.”

Kardashian has been open about the fact that co-parenting with her ex-boyfriend is not easy, but she is determined to not shun him from her life and her daughter’s life.

“I want to show my daughter that it’s okay and it’s a beautiful thing to also forgive her dad. He’s a great person,” Kardashian once said. “I always want True to be surrounded by love. And I know babies feel energy… and I just want her to always feel just bliss, as much as I can. “