Khloé Kardashian Says She Wants to Raise Her Daughter Like This

Hi, and welcome to your daily dose of Kardashian news. This time, it’s all about Khloé Kardashian.

On July 6, the Good American designer opened up about motherhood on Instagram and revealed the way she plans on raising her 1-year-old daughter True, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Here’s more on what she said.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian | David Becker/Getty Images

She wants True to have it all

Kardashian wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post that she wants her daughter to live an amazing life. She proved it, too, as the post features a video of True driving a glittery pink toy Bentley that has fur flooring and a radio.

Fans criticized the extravagant post, though. “Great, another Kardashian in a Bentley. You guys are so oblivious to how your excessive spending looks to the outside world,” one person wrote. “I really loved your family’s story and now just can’t bare to watch as you spend all this money on worthless materialism. It’s so sad.”

In response, Kardashian said that her family works hard and that it’s her choice as to how she spends her money. Fair enough. 

“I want to spoil her with love and as well with material items. She will be raised with values, responsibilities, chores, respect, [and] self-love,” Kardashian added.

Kardashian has rules for True

The reality star has at least one rule for her daughter, and it’s that True is not allowed to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “My child will be 13 when they watch their first episode of KUWTK,” she wrote in a post on her now-deleted app (via Marie Claire).

Kardashian added that she’ll even regulate the music True listens to. “My baby is going to grow up listening to: Old school music. We listen to it now. All Anita Baker, Michael McDonald, Marvin Gaye, Patti LaBelle, [and] Michael Jackson.” she continued. Sorry, Uncle Kanye — it doesn’t look like True will be listening to Ye or Yeezus any time soon.

Will Kardashian have more kids?

The 35-year-old has repeatedly discussed having more children. A source added to People in January that she “would love another baby and to give True a sibling. She always wanted to be a mom, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she got pregnant again.” However, some drama between her and Thompson has prolonged those plans.

In case you missed it, Thompson allegedly hooked up with Jordyn Woods at a party back in February. Woods denied that it went beyond a kiss initiated by the NBA star, but the alleged affair still ruined the relationship. (It probably didn’t help that Thompson had allegedly cheated on Kardashian just days before she gave birth in April 2018, either.)

These days, Kardashian appears to be focused on True — and only True. “[Kardashian and Thompson] are still co-parenting and she doesn’t have ill will towards Tristan. Khloé is so happy with True it’s like nothing else matters,” a source told Us Weekly in June.

Amazing. It looks like Kardashian and True have an exciting journey ahead.