‘KUWTK’ Fans Believe Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Never Broke Up

The Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson storyline has been essential to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) overarching narrative for the past two seasons. But, that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t over hearing about it. And while some fans are speculating that the co-parents are back together, others believe that they never broke up to begin with.

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian
Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin

Thompson and Kardashian’s love story has been messy from the very beginning. The pair met via a mutual friend for a blind date back in August of 2016 and the Good American owner made her interest known. Thompson had a pregnant girlfriend at the time, but Kardashian maintains that she was assured by Thompson, his friends, and family members that they were broken up.

Tristan Thompson has a history of cheating on Khloé Kardashian

Despite her reservations, Thompson and Kardashian began to date and soon after the KUWTK star got pregnant with their daughter, True Thompson. However, news broke that Thompson cheated on Kardashian while she was pregnant and she was devastated. Still, the Revenge Body host took Thompson back until she allegedly broke things off with him in February of 2019. The straw that broke Kardashian’s back was that Thompson was seen kissing Kylie Jenner’s now ex-best friend, 22-year-old Jordyn Woods at a party.

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Kardashian is currently quarantined in her house with Thompson

Initially, Kardashian blamed Woods for breaking up her family but retracted her statement after Twitter dragged her. Since then, the KarJenner family has forgiven Thompson but not Woods. In fact, there’s a whole KUWTK storyline about her sister, Kim Kardashian West inviting Thompson to dinner. Furthermore, Kardashian and Thompson are currently quarantined together and recently celebrated True’s second birthday together in Kardashian’s mansion.

The co-parents want to give their baby, True, another sibling

But, the pair seemed to be pretty cozy even before being quarantined together. In a recent clip from KUWTK, Thompson was going through some of True’s old things to see what he might want to give away. Thompson seemed reluctant to part ways with things so easily because he wondered what would happen if they had another child who was a girl.

Kardashian calmy questioned why he made that statement. Thompson’s response was that True did need a sibling, never mind she already has one via his son, Prince. Kardashian agreed and said that she might need to “borrow some sperm” to give True said sibling.

Some ‘KUWTK’ fans believe the couple is back together

Of course, this simple phone call sent fans of KUWTK into a tizzy. Many people believe that the conversation was proof that the couple had gotten back together. They felt that they’re simply keeping their relationship under wraps to save face publicly. “Khloe is back with Tristan she’s just not going to go public with it because of the Jordyn scandal,😂😩😭😭” one person wrote on Instagram.

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Others felt that Kardashian would reconcile with Woods before publicly taking back Thompson. “Chile my theory is that her and Jordyn will eventually reconcile and everyone will get back cool and once that happens, she’ll give it a month or 2 and then she’ll pop out with him,” another person added, thinking that the KarJenners would continue building upon the storyline.

Others believe they never broke up to begin with

However, other people believe that Thomspon and Kardashian never broke up to begin with. Instead, they believe they’ve been together the whole time and are just waiting to get back together publicly until more time has passed since the Woods’ scandal. “I don’t think they ever broke up,…” one person wrote on Instagram. “They never broke up,🤦🏾‍♂️” another added.

“We all knew she wasn’t leaving that man, she threw a fit had him doing the most, now they quarantined together & probably filing for a reality show… Ummm hello True already has a sibling,” yet another Instagram user chimed in. “They never broke up in the first place she was just mad and took it out on Jordyn because she knew she wasn’t gonna him go,” another person declared. Who knows if this opinion about Thompson and Kardashian is true or just another conspiracy theory. But, knowing the KarJenners, it could go either way.