‘Killing Eve’: Why Eve’s Fate Had To Be What It Was In Season 2

The end of season 2 of Killing Eve is very controversial among fans. Some felt somewhat misled by the writers into thinking there would be a grand romance between Eve and Villanelle while still others thought that the ending made perfect sense for both characters. The debates go on, of course. What we’re here to examine is why Eve’s fate was what it was at the end of season 2.

The only people who fully know are the writers of the show, and perhaps Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle. Sandra Oh, who plays Eve, might have an idea as well. However, we can get an idea based on what the writers have said in interviews.

What happens to Eve?

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the 'Killing Eve' premiere
Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the Killing Eve premiere | Vivien Killilea/Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for BBCAmerica

What happens to Eve is kind of a long story. She thinks Villanelle is in trouble and comes to her rescue. It turns out that Villanelle is fine, and Eve is upset she had to worry for no reason. A man called Aaron Peel tries to convince Villanelle to work for him and to kill Eve, but Villanelle says no and kills Peel instead.

Villanelle and Eve then go their separate ways until they meet up again when a man named Raymond is trying to kill Villanelle. Eve threatens to kill him with an ax and after some encouragement from Villanelle, Eve does indeed kill Raymond. Unbeknownst to Eve, Villanelle had a gun the whole time and could have shot Raymond instead of having Eve hit him with the ax. Eve, understandably upset at the knowledge that she’s killed someone, is angry at Villanelle and they fight.

The fight ends with Eve walking away from Villanelle and Villanelle shooting her.

Why did Eve have to suffer that fate in ‘Killing Eve’ season 2?

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There’s no way to know for sure. As is mentioned before, only the writers— and perhaps the actresses — truly know. Yet there is an interview with the executive producer of Killing Eve season 2, Sally Woodward-Gentle, that should be taken into consideration. In it, she discusses how the writers wanted to “explore that both Eve and Villanelle are slightly deluded about what each other means to the other.”

This means that perhaps their relationship is not as straightforward as some fans believed it was. It’s complicated, very complicated. Perhaps this needed to happen so that both Villanelle and Eve would no longer be deluded. Of course, this probably means trouble for Eve since Villanelle will no longer have any interest in keeping her alive.

Where do we go from here?

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According to the executive producer, Sally Woodward-Gentle, there is a plan in place for season three. What that plan is, we don’t know, but again, there may be clues in the interview with Woodward-Gentle. She says that one of the challenges with the show is “keeping [Eve and Villanelle] within each other’s orbit, but not too close. It’s how you keep that tension.”

According to the producer, Eve and Villanelle can’t be too close to each other for too long without “something explosive happening.” That may, in fact, be the case. As both the end of season 1 and the end of season 2 show, the two of them being close together for any long period of time is a recipe for disaster.

So, definitely not a grand romance then. Oh well. Fans will have to look elsewhere if romance is what they’re after.