‘Killing Eve’ Season 2: Questions We Have About The Show

Killing Eve is a show that prompts many questions in its audience. Such as: how is Villanelle so lovable? Why is Eve still with Niko? Season 2 definitely made the audience think a lot and wonder what would come next.

While we’re waiting for the show to come back in 2020, let’s ponder these questions. We may not find the answers but the questions are still interesting to discuss. Some of the questions get to the heart of the show itself, and it is possible that figuring out the answers might give fans hints about what’s to come in season 3.

What happens after the ending of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2?

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the Killing Eve Season 2 premiere
Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the Killing Eve season 2 premiere | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The season 2 finale of Killing Eve leaves both protagonists in sticky situations. Just to remind you, Villanelle and Eve work together to kill a man who was probably, maybe going to kill Villanelle. The two then flee the scene like the partners in crime they are sometimes. Eve then slowly comes to the realization that Villanelle could have easily killed the man herself and not made Eve do it.

Meanwhile, Villanelle is going on and on about the life they could have together. When asked, Eve refuses to run away with her, upset that she committed murder under false pretenses. Villanelle then attempts to get Eve to change her mind, but it doesn’t work. Eve walks away from Villanelle and as Eve walks away, Villanelle shoots her.

Villanelle is also in a sticky situation. She has no one to turn to now that Eve has rejected her, Konstantin has supposedly betrayed her in favor of his family, and the Twelve want nothing to do with her. So what’s in store for our favorite agent and assassin? Is Eve still even alive?

What is Villanelle going to do now? We don’t know the answers, yet we can speculate. Most likely, Eve will be just fine. As for Villanelle, it’s anyone’s guess.

The assassin isn’t exactly predictable. Maybe she’ll continue being an assassin, maybe she’ll lay low for a while. You never know.

What will happen with Eve and Niko?

Though the show revolves around the cat and mouse game between Eve and Villanelle, Eve and Niko’s relationship is still a factor. They are married, after all. Though some fans may wonder why when Eve seems a bit bored in the relationship and is clearly more interested in whatever’s going on with Villanelle.

So what is in store for Eve and Niko? Will they break up? Will they make up? How will Niko feel about his wife killing someone, and all to save Villanelle?

We don’t know the answers, yet we’d love to find out. It’s possible that Eve and Niko will work things out. It’s also possible that their relationship won’t be strong enough to withstand all of this pressure. Either way, it should be interesting to watch.

As for how Niko will feel about Eve killing someone to save Villanelle, we’re guessing he won’t be too happy about it. Whether that is enough to break him and Eve up for good, we don’t know.

Where is this all heading?

Not only did season 2 of Killing Eve end on a cliffhanger, it made fans wonder where the show is going from here. After all, Eve and Villanelle can’t chase each other forever. Eventually one of them is going to have to stop. Will Eve give in to her darker side and run away with Villanelle after all?

Will Villanelle be redeemed by her supposed love for Eve? It’s hard to know. Eve and Villanelle aren’t the most predictable of characters, especially Villanelle. Yet Eve seems to have come to a realization at the end of season 2 about who she is and who she wants to be.

But can she give up Villanelle? That is the question and will most likely determine where the show goes from here. As well as this one: will Villanelle give up on Eve? Is it possible that she will change for Eve instead of wanting Eve to change for her?

We don’t know. Yet whatever happens, we know the tension between the two characters will continue to be exciting.