‘Killing Eve’ Season 3 Premiere Review: Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh Answer Questions and Ask New Ones

Season 2 of Killing Eve left fans on quite a cliffhanger. Villanelle (Jodie Comer) shot Eve (Sandra Oh). Now, it’s not a spoiler to say that Oh is still in Season 3. She’s been in all the trailers and promo photos. How she survived is one of the questions Season 3 answers.

Jodie Comer: Killing Eve Season 3
Jodie Comer | Des Willie/BBCA

Killing Eve fans are going to get their answers two weeks early. BBC America and AMC bumped up the Season 3 premiere to April 12 to give folks in self-isolation under stay-at-home orders new shows to watch. Showbiz Cheat Sheet got an early screener of the season premiere, so here is our spoiler free review. 

‘Killing Eve’ goes back to the future

Killing Eve Season 3 begins with a flashback to Moscow in 1974. It introduces a character named Dasha, a gymnast who have very Villanelle tendencies. Remember Dasha. 

In the aftermath of Season 2, it looks like Villanelle has moved on quite well. She mentions an ex we can assume is referring to Eve, although their romance was always a will they/won’t they. She seems to have written her ex off, so she might be in for a surprise.

Jodie Comer | Laura Radford/BBCA/Sid Gentle

But before Villanelle and Eve have any scenes together, Dasha comes for her. It appears Dasha was a mentor to Villanelle before she even had that name. Now, Villanelle wants to train for something else. 

In just a few short scenes, Killing Eve sets up a formidable dynamic between Villanelle and Dasha. It’s not to say Villanelle has met her match, but Dasha can certainly provoke new things out of her. Villanelle usually gets what she asks for one way or another, but it’s always fun to see how.

Eve is keeping a low profile

Killing Eve couldn’t quite kill Eve. Now she’s living in New Malden, England. She’s alive, but clearly shaken. She buys enough wine to break her grocery bags. She’s no longer working for MI6. She works in a kitchen, and doesn’t even want to work up front with customers. She likes being out of the way in the back. 

Sandra Oh: Killing Eve Season 3
Sandra Oh | Laura Radford/BBCA

Kenny (Sean Delaney) comes over and tries to talk her back into intelligence work but she’s not interested. Still, no matter how hard she tries to stay out, you know they’re going to pull her back in. They could be MI6 or Vilanelle. Eve is not going to get the privacy for which she asks.

Jodie Comer’s European vacation

Eve may be holing up in England, but the season premiere already sees Villanelle travel to Barcelona and Girona, Spain. Killing Eve continues to collect stamps in its passport, even if they fake some of the specific locations with movie magic.

And while Eve is in recovery, Villanelle is in top form. She still commits murder with playful glee. It’s endearing to Villanelle, but the victim is still just as dead. If you’re asking how she’s going to top Seasons 1 and 2, just watch the season premiere. The clowns you see in some of the previews aren’t even in this episode so you’ll have to wait until episode two to see that.

Killing Eve Season 3: Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh | Des Willie/BBCA

That’s about as much as one could say about the seasons premiere of Killing Eve without getting into spoilers. If you’re excited about the new season, hopefully this tides you over until April 12!