‘Killing Eve’: Will Season 2 Be Even Better Than Season 1?

Compelling TV dramas with women are still too rare of a commodity in America. Britain, however, has already been ahead of the curve, especially with shows like Orphan Black that aired here on BBC America for five years. Now Killing Eve is much in the same vein and airs on the same cable network here in the states.

With Sandra Oh becoming an even bigger star from this show, we wonder what more they’ll give us. It’s already been a feral and fascinating ride in Season One with the concept of Oh’s MI5 officer being obsessed with a female assassin (and vice versa).

The dynamics of having two polar opposite women trying to figure one another out could become an even bigger chess match in season two.

A second season will premiere in April

Just in case you didn’t know, Killing Eve’s second season will debut April 7 on BBC America and AMC. One thing we can likely expect is the pacing to remain lightning fast as it was in the first season. There’s a lot of story to pack in, and they never waste any time.

Also, the acting of Oh and Jodie Comer (as the assassin, Villanelle) has been stellar. Their brief interactions left us breathless, making it a rare opportunity to see two women completely hold the bulk of a show like this.

What kind of developments might we see in this unique cat and mouse game? To get some ideas, let’s go back and review one of the best episodes of the first season, plus touch on the details of the Season One cliffhanger.

Episode 5 was a fan favorite

Go back to May 6, 2018 when the fifth episode of Killing Eve aired. Called I Have a Thing About Bathrooms, it’s since been voted one of the top drama episodes of last year by many media pundits like TIME.

It’s easy to see why if you gave it a watch. This was the pivotal episode where Eve and Villanelle encounter one another in former’s home. While Villanelle doesn’t kill Eve, she’s already realized by this point that latter is tracking her down.

Instead, Villanelle steals Eve’s phone to track down and kill Frank, Eve’s MI5 supervisor. As we’ve seen through each episode, the body count is high. Yes, Killing Eve adheres to the recent trend of killing off top cast members gradually, even if this brings an edginess to the show everyone loves.

We’re fully expecting Villanelle to go after other people close to Eve in Season Two. Then again, maybe she won’t for one particular reason.

The finale left us wondering how gravely injured Villanelle is

In the cliffhanger from last May 27, Eve and Villanelle meet up again and acknowledge their obsession with each other. Many cited this as a major breakthrough in the gender dynamics for a similar plot considering we normally see men in these roles.

Even more intriguing is in the fact Villanelle won’t kill Eve. Some have been insinuating it’s because she has an obsessive love for Eve, which just makes the cat and mouse scenario for Season Two all the more fascinating. The main question now is whether Villanelle will give mercy to Eve or go on another killing rampage.

When the show left off, Eve managed to stab Villanelle after tracking her down to her apartment. As you might remember, Eve does this on her own accord after MI5 fires her. While Villanelle escaped, she was obviously severely wounded.

Clearly, she won’t die, but now it’s set up to become one of the most psychologically intense and complex shows on television.

The wish for more episodes

As is the trend with many cable shows in recent years, Killing Eve gives you fast-paced, movie quality in fewer episodes. It’s still amazing how much story they fit in only eight hours of content.

Regardless, many are calling for more episodes in Season Two since fans can’t get enough of this deeply layered spy show. Critics might have to file it under a new TV category that will likely be endlessly copied: Psychological spy love tale.