Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘Cute’ Instagram Captions Couldn’t Distract Fans From Their Questionable Outfits

Anyone who follows Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows that the family members don’t always make the best choices. The two oldest sisters are no exception. Kourtney has made questionable statements on social media about the coronavirus, and Kim has also made questionable statements about the same thing. 

Although Kim and Kourtney are sometimes at odds, they recently came together to make some fashion choices that many fans agree were a big mistake. Not content to let it lie, they brought the outfits up again on Instagram, reigniting their fans’ amusement at the unusual looks.

A bold look for Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian
Kim Kardashian West and her sister Kourtney Kardashian | Marc Piasecki/GC Images

At the beginning of March 2020, the sisters were spotted in Paris for Fashion Week. They wore sleek latex outfits from the Balmain AW20 line. Kim’s was a caramel color, while Kourtney wore a darker brown, but both outfits featured high necks and padded shoulders.

The reaction to the outfits was somewhat mixed. While some loved the designer’s vision and felt that taking fashion risks is exactly what Paris Fashion Week is all about, others thought the women looked like they were dressed up as superheroes.

They wouldn’t let it die

There are always some pretty dramatic looks at Fashion Week, so the latex looks might have just been forgotten if the sisters hadn’t later reminded fans about them again. Kourtney posted a picture of them, posing in their unusual outfits, and she tagged Kim and captioned it “you’re the croissant to my pain au chocolat,” using an appropriately Parisian theme to describe the colors they wore. 

Kim couldn’t resist responding in a similar vein, with a somewhat less French description: “You’re the bbq sauce to my honey mustard!” It was a cute moment between the two sisters, which would have just been a laugh, except it reminded their fans just how much they didn’t like the outfits. 

Fans enjoyed the sisters’ playful banter

A recent post on Reddit brought up the new Instagram posts, and people enjoyed their fun tone, but they still didn’t approve of the looks. The original poster made it clear that they had never liked the outfits. “Just when I thought I had these outfits erased from my mind,” they commented. They went on to give them some credit, admitting, “their captions made me laugh tho.”

Others agreed, focusing on the fact that Kourtney and Kim don’t seem to be fighting, saying, “Love it when they get along.”

For another viewer the lighthearted posts were fun, saying that although they “thought kim stole kourtneys cute caption thing ,” it seemed fine, because “they’re so cute.”

Opinions of the outfits haven’t improved

This particular comment thread didn’t suggest that the outfits look like superhero costumes, but this time the comparisons they came up with were way, way worse. 

“These outfits remind me of that guy in latex who sits in poop,” said one, although it’s not entirely clear who that might be. Another commenter even asked for clarification (“wait WHAT”) but never got any more information. Others agreed with the theme, though. 

“They look like turds,” said one. “Polished turds,” another agreed.

Someone else was a bit kinder, suggesting that they “look like ants.”

Maybe Kim and Kourtney are trying to make the best of a situation where they didn’t come off as they’d hoped. It’s not a bad idea; if they admit that they looked silly it does take some of the sting out of all the criticism. But they should probably know by now that people aren’t going to let them forget a look that many think was a fashion misstep. 

At least they know they are a croissant and pain au chocolat that have each other’s backs.