Kim Kardashian Admits Feud With Kourtney Kardashian ‘Gets Worse Before It Gets Better’

Things may be better between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, but Kim admits that viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 18 will still see quite a lot of tension between the sisters.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian feud
Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian | James Devaney/GC Images

Kim and Kourtney have been fighting

Kim and Kourtney got into some heated arguments on Season 17 of KUWTK and the season ended with Kourtney wanting some time away from the series.

The sisters butted heads when it came to a combo birthday party for their daughters, as they disagreed about snacks for the Candy Land theme, with Kourtney hoping to offer some healthier options. Kim argued: “It’s Candy Land, Kourtney! It’s not gonna be healthy.”

Then there was, of course, the moment that Kim and Khloe tailed Kourtney and called her out for not sharing as much of her personal life with the cameras as they have.

Kim explained in a confessional: “Our job is being open and honest and sharing a lot of ourselves, and it just seems for the past few years now, Kourtney hasn’t really been open about her personal life on camera. So all of the days that Kourtney isn’t filming, Khloe and I are picking up the slack and having to share more. Cause if we’re not sharing our lives, then what is the show?”

Kim says their feud “gets worse before it gets better”

While the drama between the sisters appeared to calm a bit during the season finale, viewers of KUWTK haven’t seen the last of this family tension.

During a Dec. 17 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kim addressed her feud with Kourtney and even though they’ve smoothed some things over in real time, since they’ve filmed some of Season 18, fans will see the tension continue between them. And, spoiler alert, she said it “gets worse” between them.

She shared: “Kourtney and I, we just went to Japan together. We’ve really taken the time to hear each other out and listen. What sucks is that season 18 will come out soon and it gets worse before it gets better. Her and I have healed and have talked about everything and come to an understanding.”

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Kourtney is taking a break from the show

Kourtney had revealed in November that she planned to take a break from KUWTK, but fans finally got to see her reach her breaking point on the show. She admitted on the Dec. 8 episode: “My well-being is more important than the show. I’m not giving in and I’m not going to change my boundaries. That’s not gonna happen.”

As for how much fans will be seeing of Kourtney on future episodes, Kim noted: “So we’ve come to the conclusion that she will film a little bit… it’s always up in the air but we’re in a good place about respecting each other’s space and if someone doesn’t want to be on the show, we obviously want them to have that mental break and live their life exactly the way that they want.”