Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye West’s Political Views Gave Her Anxiety: ‘Take Off the Red Hat!

Given Kanye West’s passionate opinions on politics, it’s easy to understand why Kim Kardashian says his views have given her anxiety in the past. In the new issue of Vogue, Kardashian touches on how she eased that anxiety.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Versace Fall 2019 fashion show.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Is Kanye West a Donald Trump Supporter?

Interestingly, despite West sitting down with Donald Trump last October in the White House, Kardashian maintains that he doesn’t have a political party.

She explained: “He doesn’t represent either side. But he doesn’t want to be told what he should be. It can be confusing. I get it. The one thing that I respect so much is that he is who he is, no matter what anyone tries to tell him to do.”

That hasn’t come without stress, but Kardashian shared she’s had to learn to let some things go, noting: “I can be sitting there crying: OH, MY GOD! TAKE OFF THE RED HAT! Because he really is the sweetest person with the biggest heart. I stopped caring, though. Because I used to care so much. I was making it such an issue in our relationship. And in my life. It gave me so much anxiety.”

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Kanye West had a bizarre meeting with Trump

A discussion of West and politics isn’t complete without revisiting his trip to the Oval Offic in October, where he seemed to spew a stream of consciousness, explaining at the time: “Trump is on his hero’s journey right now.”

He also spoke about the Trump Make America Great Again hats, sharing: “It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman. That’s my favorite superhero. And you made a Superman cape for me.”

West also talked about looking up to Trump, explaining: “You know, my dad and my mom separated so I didn’t have a lot of male energy in my home and also I’m married to a family that, you know — not a lot of male energy going on. It’s beautiful though.”

West also famously went off on Saturday Night Live

West also talked about Trump when he was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last September, setting off on a rant, while wearing a MAGA hat, after his performance.

He explained that he had been told not to keep the hat on, sharing, “They bullied me backstage.” West added: “Follow your heart and stop following your mind. That’s how we’re controlled. That’s how we’re programmed. If you want the world to move forward, try love. Thank y’all for giving me this platform.”

Kardashian gushed about her Vogue cover

Kardashian took to Instagram to gush about her Vogue cover, explaining that she “dreamed of this moment for so long” and that “many said it would never come.” She called the cover an “honor,” explaining, “I remember as a little girl flipping through my mom’s subscription each month and dreaming of one day gracing the cover of this iconic magazine.”

Among her than yous to the people who made it possible was a message to her husband: “Special thank you to my husband Kanye for speaking into existence that one day I would grace the cover of Vogue when everyone told me to be ‘more realistic.’ #dreamsdocometrue.”