Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Won’t Let Their Daughter North West Do This 1 Thing

Kim Kardashian has been called a lot of things, but everyone can agree that the reality star and businesswoman has made her mark in the beauty industry. When she first released her beauty line, KKW Beauty, the 37-year-old racked up $14 million in just three hours with her cream contour kits. All three of her crystal gardenia fragrances also sold out within hours of their release. While Kardashian obviously has a ton of fans, one of her biggest fans who also shares her love for beauty is her 4-year-old daughter, North West.

North has watched her beauty influencer mom build a beauty empire in less than a year, and it looks like she wants in on all of the makeup and glamour. However, her mother and father, rapper Kanye West, won’t allow their tot to do this one thing when it comes to her love of makeup.

Beauty guru

It looks like North is already trying her hand at different makeup looks — specifically on her My Little Pony figurine. Kardashian told People that her eldest child used the My Little Pony ColourPop collection do makeup on My Little Pony. How inventive is that?

Style influencer

Goth Nori

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Though she’s only four, North has been known to play with lipsticks and rhinestones. Kardashian has often snapped the adorable tot on her social media pages showing off her favorite beauty looks.

Nail polish parties

Makeup isn’t the only thing that North gets excited about. She also adores nail polish and has even attended nail polish parties. We think North’s love of fancy nails could give her mother an idea for her next KKW beauty product.

Videos galore

My cutie!

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While most kiddos adore watching Sesame Street and Peppa Pig, it appears that North’s interests are a bit more refined. In an interview with People, Kardashian West revealed how North loves to spend her time. She said, “My daughter watches so many YouTube tutorials and videos.”

It’s no wonder that North’s makeup is always on point.

A YouTube channel for North?

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Watching all of those beauty gurus appears to have given North an idea to make her own YouTube beauty channel.

Kardashian said, “She was unboxing the My Little Pony Colourpop collection, and I thought to myself, ‘I wish I was recording this’ because her reaction was so funny. And then she did makeup on the My Little Pony that they gave, and she said, ‘Mom, I want to do a YouTube video.”

It’s a ‘no’ from dad

Though Kardashian West briefly considered letting North begin her own channel, when she consulted her rapper hubby, he vetoed the idea outright.

We think it’s probably for the best. As adorable as North is, the world and the internet, in particular, can be way too much for children.

Daddy’s girl

We’ve all seen how adorable, Kanye West and North are together, so obviously the 40-year old couldn’t just tell his daughter “no” outright. Instead, North was given a compromise. She can record tutorials for her family to watch so that she can “test it out.”

A brand-new muse

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Since the Kardashian/West clan welcomed their third child, a girl, North has a new muse to try her makeup looks out on. Hopefully, the mini diva will have a lot more fun with her baby sister then she has with her younger brother Saint.

According to Kardashian West, the 4-year old isn’t exactly a fan of her baby brother. Hopefully, that will change.

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