Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Know How to Tell North Her Hamster Died, Blames Khloe

In the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has a very big problem on her hands — her daughter’ s hamster died and she has no idea how to explain it to North. Losing a pet is always hard, but for kids, it’s devastating and parents are often unsure how to break the hard news to their child.

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Kim Kardashian West | Jared Siskin/amfAR/Getty Images

North West’s hamster was a gift from Aunt Khloe

North West’s hamster, Blacktail, came from a day out with her aunt, Khloe Kardashian, even though Kim didn’t want her to get it. The outing was featured on a previous episode of KUWTK.

Khloe took North out for a special day and when a limo ride and treats didn’t impress her niece, she reached into her bag of auntie tricks and decided to win her over with a new pet.

Khloe noted in a confessional: “I needed this day to be memorable, so I had to buy her something. Money cannot buy love, but sometimes it can buy excitement and joy.”

Kim was less than impressed with the hamster, noting: “Khloe knows how I feel about pets. I just don’t have time for it. I can’t take care of a pet, I can’t even take care of a fish. And she just doesn’t get it because her daughter isn’t old enough. It just really sucks.”

The hamster died and Kim was devastated

In a sneak peek promo for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim’s assistant Michael makes the discovery that the hamster died. Kim is on the phone with Khloe at the time, as Kim asks, “It’s dead?” while Khloe is heard saying “What?!” Kim adds, “I don’t have time for a dead hamster. Maybe he’s sleeping.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, as Kim and her assistant check on the hamster in its pink castle house, as she gives it a poke. Nope, he’s dead.

Kim shares how she doesn’t know how she will handle this with North, explaining, “[North] is at school. I don’t know how I’m going to say, ‘And by the way, your hamster died.’”

Kim further notes in the confessional: “North is gonna be really, really upset. It’s just not fair. How do I go and explain this? What do I do?”

Khloe, unfortunately, is part of the issue, as Kim is not too pleased her sister bought the pet in the first place. She tells her sister: “It’s the first time [North has] really, really loved an animal more than her dog. She’s still into it, and I don’t know what to do. It’s just this kind of s**t I can’t deal with. This is why you don’t get someone a pet. Don’t ever do this to me again, I literally hate you.”

“Are you gonna get me killed, too?” Khloe jokes.

How to tell a child their pet died

We’ll have to see how Kim handles the situation, but the website Kids Heath advises that parents should “try to gauge how much information kids need to hear based on their age, maturity level, and life experience” and then “calmly explain what has happened. Be brief, and let your child’s questions guide how much information you provide.”

It may help a child cope to “share stories about the pets you had — and lost — when you were young and how difficult it was to say goodbye,” the site advises.