Kim Kardashian Gets a Lot of Hate but Many Fans Find Her Story ‘Inspiring’

Kim Kardashian West has been a controversial celebrity since she became famous. She’s been involved in various scandals, from the sex tape that kicked off her reality TV career to her and husband Kanye West’s feud with Taylor Swift. She’s a popular figure to hate; accused of being famous for no reason and of being shallow and selfish. But the real Kim Kardashian West is much more complex and compelling than her detractors may expect.

The Kardashian family ties to O.J. Simpson

Before “Kim Kardashian” was a household name, the Kardashians were in the public eye for father Robert Kardashian’s defense of O.J. Simpson in Simpson’s murder trial.

While Kim was not directly in the spotlight herself, the trial wasn’t easy for her. She chooses to stay quiet about Simpson, but in an interview on the podcast Foodgod, Kim revealed her incredibly complex feelings about her and her family’s relationship to Simpson. She discussed how her silence comes from a desire to keep Simpson’s children from having to deal with the “incredibly traumatic” circumstances with their father.

Kim’s Armenian heritage

Kim Kardashian comes from an Armenian family. Her great-great grandfather came to the United States as an illiterate child, shortly before the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide. Kardashian is proud and vocal about her heritage.

Kardashian regularly speaks out against denial of the Armenian Genocide to honor the memories of the approximately 1.5 million people murdered by the Turkish government during World War I. The Turkish government has refused to acknowledge this dark time, but she uses her massive platform to spread knowledge and awareness. Fans on Reddit admire how she’s willing to continue speaking out despite “over a million comments on one of her posts… …pure hate.”

Recently, Kardashian has been speaking out on other issues involving Armenia and the Armenian community. Much of the world is unfamiliar with the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This conflict centers around the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as the Republic of Artsakh. This region was originally part of the Soviet Union, and after the collapse of the USSR war broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the status of this region. Eventually, this region declared itself the Republic of Artsakh, though only Armenia recognizes it as a country.

The conflict sadly continues to this day. And on Twitter, Kardashian alerted her followers to the conflict and military actions by Azerbaijan’s army despite a global ceasefire.

Criminal justice reform

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict isn’t the only important issue Kardashian has brought attention to. Kardashian has shown a deep care for Americans incarcerated for minor charges — including Alice Marie Johnson, an impoverished single mother imprisoned on a nonviolent drug offense.

Kardashian went directly to the president to convince Donald Trump to commute the woman’s sentence, freeing Johnson from jail. She’s used her platform to advocate for other non-violent offenders, and has even begun studying law.

Business savvy

Kardashian has been a businesswoman for years. In 2006, she and her sisters opened DASH, an upscale boutique in Los Angeles. This business was successful and able to expand. Shortly after this, her sex tape with Ray J was leaked to the public. However, Kardashian was able to use this new type of fame to her advantage, and started her reality TV show. She entered new business ventures, from a series of workout DVDs to more cosmetics and clothing lines. Despite a difficult start to her fame, Kardashian had the business acumen to reach the highest levels of success.

Lots of people don’t know the full story behind Kardashian. However, she is an advocate for many important social and political issues, a shrewd businesswoman, and a caring wife, mother, and friend. It’s clear to see: Kim Kardashian West is so much more than just a reality TV star.

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