Kim Kardashian Gets Vulnerable, Reveals How She’s Felt At Each Met Gala

Kim Kardashian is changing. We all do, but we get to watch the reality star go through her metamorphosis right before our very eyes, from the comfort of our living rooms, bedrooms, bathtubs, and wherever else one experiences Keeping Up With The Kardashians. With reality roots, Kim is also notably active on social media (perhaps a little less so these days). She’s never been one to shy away from sharing her personal experiences, whether those experiences included going through a divorce, battling the anxiety that came after being robbed, or the medical hell she’s gone through in her attempts to get pregnant. She shares because this is the life she and her family members have chosen. She shares because being candid is instinctual for her.

Kim Kardashian West attends the 2019 Met Gala celebrating "Camp: Notes on Fashion" | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Kim Kardashian West attends the 2019 Met Gala celebrating “Camp: Notes on Fashion” | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

But ever since Kim Kardashian decided to dedicate her life to changing America’s justice system, her quiet bravery, that’s always been there, has been turned up a few notches in volume.

In honor of this year’s Met Gala, Kim took to Instagram to share a lot more than her past Met looks. In her stories, she shared what she wore, who she went with, and how she was feeling during each event.

Celebrities classically utilize the social platform to showcase anything but the trouble it takes to appear flawless at whatever event they’re posting about, and certainly not to share with their followers how nervous they were to be there. But Kim Kardashian continues to break the rules, and continues to surprise us.     

What it’s like to be Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala    

“Year 1- 2013 Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. I was Kanye’s plus one & so nervous! I didn’t know anyone & I’m sure no one wanted me there lol. I did my own lipstick & the color is so off. I went home & cried after of insecurity but this is one of my fave looks now,” she posted to her Instagram stories.

“Year 2- 2014 Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. I was invited on my own this year! We just had our Vogue cover & Alber gave me the dress I wore on the cover so Anna suggested I wear Lanvin. Not sure why we picked blue lol. This is a dream.”

“Year 3-2015 Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli. This is his first dress designing for Cavalli. I was 2 months Pregnant with Saint & desperately trying to hide it. I felt so confident this year! I had more of an opinion and collaborated so well. I really felt so good this night.”

“Year 4- 2016 Olivier Rousteing for Balmain. I was back to insecure this year because I hadn’t lost all of my baby weight. Big mistake to bleach the brows but Kanye looked so good this year with those blue eyes! It was super controversial that he wore denim.”

“Year 5-2017 Vivienne Westwood. This was my first year going solo. I was so nervous to go by myself I almost threw up on the way & I had to pee every second.. I was FaceTiming my sister to meet up at the top of the stairs. Vivienne made me this beautiful dress from her archive.”

“Year 6- 2018 Versace. This was the first time Donatella recreated one of Gianni’s cross dresses that were in the exhibit. This dress fit like a glove! I knew exactly what I wanted and was my most confident this year! 90’s, chainmail, simple and sexy.”

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