Kim Kardashian Got Mom-Shamed for This Ridiculous Reason

There’s no end to mom-shaming, especially if you’re a celebrity mom who is always under the microscope. Kim Kardashian is coming under fire for letting her 5-year-old daughter, North West, wear lipstick, but should people really be in such an uproar?

Kim Kardashian at amfAR New York Gala 2019.
Kim Kardashian West | Jared Siskin/amfAR/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has been attacked before for her parenting choices

Last year, Kardashian was called out for straightening North’s hair, with one person noting at the time on an Instagram photo she shared: “I can feel the heat damage from here! Leave your [kid’s] hair alone let her have the choice to damage it when she’s older.” Another commenter noted: “That poor baby’s curl pattern is gonna be all jacked up from the heat damage she’s putting on her hair at a young age.”

Others, however, believed it was a parenting choice Kardashian had every right to make. The reality star told The Hollywood Reporter: “She wanted straight hair and I straightened her hair one time. It’s funny, because online everyone thought that we pressed it and did this whole thing. It was just a flat iron. I even read that she had extensions on! She has curly hair, so when you straighten her hair, it’s gonna look really long. I can’t believe people didn’t get that. Sometimes you just have to tune it out! It was her birthday and all she wanted was to try to have her hair straightened.”

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Kardashian has taken heat for allowing North to wear makeup

Last fall, Kardashian captured her daughter applying some of mom’s makeup, which looked pretty much how you’d expect a kid to apply it. She later posted a video on her Instagram Stories of North wearing one of her mom’s lipsticks.

Kardashian explained in a caption on the pic: “North wearing #6 in the new Classic Blossom Collection. Relax mom shamers, it’s coming off in a few minutes. I needed a bribe to get out the door. You feel me?!”

Kardashian is now being mom-shamed for North’s church look

North again wore lipstick in a Christmas family photo Kardashian shared, and she later explained to Refinery29: “I already know North is into makeup for sure… I don’t think she should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick. It is a form of expression, so I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate, too.”

When Kardashian shared some video footage of North having a bit of fun dancing at a church service over the weekend while wearing dark lipstick, it was inevitable that people were going to shame Kardashian for allowing her daughter to wear makeup.

She captioned one video of North dancing “Power” and another “Her favorite part of the week is dancing during Sunday Service.” Her daughter looked free spirited and happy, but naturally people focused on everything Kardashian did wrong.

One commenter wrote: “She is still a child. Her face is beautiful without the makeup. She is dressed as a teenager would be. That dress is not appropriate for a Sunday Baptist’s service.”

Another commenter agreed, saying: “She’s adorable but why is she wearing lipstick to church? She’s too young for makeup in public.”

Not everyone was there for the mom-shaming, however, as other people pointed out how much fun North was obviously having and how she was showing off some cute dance moves.

One person in support of Kardashian tweeted: “Kim doesn’t let North wear lipstick so she can look older or letting her grow up too quick. She’s letting her daughter be herself. If North wants to wear neon purple lipstick or dark red lipstick, she’s letting her have fun. Mind ya business and your own kids.”