Kim Kardashian Is Dropping Major Cash For Kanye West’s Mental Health

Kanye West’s fans will know that the hip hop star is no stranger to mental illness. He has been open about his diagnosis and struggles to stay well. Back in 2018, West explained that he wanted to change the conversation around mental health: “Best believe I’m going to take the stigma off the word crazy.”

While one could debate whether or not the artist has succeeded in removing stigma from mental health issues, he has certainly provided a platform for people to talk about them. His mental health is once again a topic of conversation, and this time it seems that his wife, Kim Kardashian, is working hard to make sure he has all the support he needs to work through yet another challenging time.

Kanye West has questioned his own diagnosis

Kanye West
Kanye West | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Surface Magazine

In 2016, West revealed that he had been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. He then put the words “I Hate Being Bipolar. It’s Awesome.” in the cover art for his album Ye.

While being open about the diagnosis, he also questions the treatment plan and the approach to the disorder itself. “It’s not a disability, it’s a superpower,” the artist said.

Kardashian explained that medication is not a viable treatment option for West because it “just changes who he is.” Instead, they have to try to watch for triggers that may cause the symptoms to worsen. These symptoms include travel, which must be difficult for an entertainer whose life often takes him on the road.

Kardashian has also opened up about the frustration she feels when fans suggest it is her responsibility to stop her husband’s behaviors when fans don’t like them. She says that she is open about her opinion and supportive, but ultimately West is an adult who makes his own decisions.

Several high-profile incidents have highlighted Kanye West’s instability

West has made several high-profile statements that have put him — and his potential mental health status — in the spotlight. Perhaps the most famous of these moments was when he grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift. The moment cost him a lot of respect and brought him criticism from people across the globe.

Other notable moments include the time he said that slavery was a “choice” and his bizarre meeting with Donald Trump. This latter political alignment has cost the artist many fans and potentially even some friends.

Musician John Legend knows West well, but he has been disappointed by his support of Trump. Even with that disappointment, he recognizes that West may be more drawn to Trump’s larger-than-life personality than his actual policies. It’s a persona that West recognizes well.

Fans are worried about Kanye West’s recent comments

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Recently, political discussions once again have fans worrying about West’s mental state. In an interview with radio host Big Boy to promote his new Christian-themed work, West went on a bizarre rant about Democrats, brainwashing, Wingstop, and lemonade. It has fans worried that West may once again be losing touch with reality and struggling to keep himself mentally on track.

Luckily, West seems to have the support of his wife behind him, and she is making sure to get him the help he needs. Reports suggest that Kardashian has hired a team of therapists to be on call around the clock in preparation for West’s upcoming tour. While this kind of care and coverage must be tremendously expensive, it’s clear that West’s mental health is delicate and that keeping him safe is a top priority.

If West is teetering on the edge of a breakdown, it’s great that he has professionals nearby to make sure that he can get support and care until he is well again.