Kim Kardashian Is Having a CBD-Themed Baby Shower So She Can Stop ‘Freaking Out’

Even if you have plenty of money and family support, having kids is a stressful thing. And expanding your family from three to four tiny humans? That’s downright terrifying.

Reality star Kim Kardashian West is definitely feeling the pressure as the birth of her fourth child draws closer. The 38-year-old mother of three is having her second son soon via surrogate. The baby will join the other kids she shares with husband Kanye West — North, 5, Saint, 3 and Chicago, 1.

Because she’s obviously panicking and also because the Kar-Jenner clan is well-known for their love of parties, Kardashian West is going to have another baby shower with a very, um, unique theme.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Why is Kim Kardashian having another baby shower?

With a net worth of $350 million, a billionaire sister, and three other kids who no doubt have plenty of designer baby stuff to hand down to their younger brother, it does seem a little strange that Kim Kardashian is even considering a baby shower. After all, these parties are traditionally meant to help new moms amass all the items they need for their new arrival. Having a second baby shower – unless your children are spaced decades apart, say – is seen as slightly tacky.

But Kardashian West isn’t doing it for the gifts – she’s doing it for the party. Rather than a gift grab, Kim wants to host a celebration that conveys how excited she is for her new baby.

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“I figured it would be so rude if I didn’t have a baby shower — if I had one for the three of them and I just gave up on the fourth one,” she said. “But I also think when you have a surrogate, for me, that having the baby shower for (Chicago) I realized was so much more beneficial for my kids. Because they saw people come, they saw little baby gifts. I asked for no gifts, but my friends brought diapers and fun little stuff so they actually saw that ‘Oh my gosh, a new baby is coming!’ ”

See? It’s not for her. It’s for the kids.

What will the Kardashian West baby shower theme be?

But not everything about the shower is child appropriate. For example, she decided to make it CBD themed as a nod to the fact that she’s “high-key freaking out” about having a fourth child.

“This year, because I am freaking out so much, I just want a Zen-like CBD-themed baby shower,” Kardashian explained to E! News. “I just want massages, I want to do, like, a tea ceremony with crystals and we’re going to have a drink at this baby shower — we’re not pregnant. Just meditation, the calm-before-the-storm shower.”

In case you missed it, CBD is (cannabidiol oil) has become the hottest new thing in states that have legalized marijuana in some capacity. It’s said to provide the calming properties of traditional leaf without getting you high and is used to treat everything from anxiety disorders to epilepsy.

In other words, it’ll help Kim Kardashian chill out, big time.