Kim Kardashian Is Proof People Will Judge You No Matter What

In the decade since Kim Kardashian has become world-famous, the beautiful Armenian reality star has definitely endured her share of criticism. From complaints that she has no discernible talents to the common refrain that she is only famous because of her infamous sex tape,

Kim has always seemed to have an insurmountable number of haters. Now with her all-new career trajectory, Kim is in the news more than ever, and many people still don’t have positive things to say.

Why are people talking about Kim Kardashian?

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Although the Kardashian family has been in the news a lot already this year, this spring held some truly surprising family revelations. In early April, Kim revealed in an exclusive interview with Vogue that she is studying to become a lawyer

Needless to say, not many fans were aware that Kim had such lofty aspirations. The backlash she received was swift and immediate — many critics posted a wide variety of responses, including remarks expressing the opinion that she isn’t smart enough to become a lawyer and that if a reality star is able to be a lawyer, it invalidates the hard work put in by established law students everywhere. While the Kardashians are public figures and have surely grown accustomed to people having opinions on everything that they do, there are very real reasons why Kim has decided to pursue a career in law.

Why does Kim Kardashian want to become a lawyer?

Over the past couple of years, Kim has slowly become more involved in politics. In the early days of her career, the reality star had cultivated a rather shallow image, but since becoming a mother, her priorities seem to have shifted. In the summer of 2018, Kardashian advocated for the release of Alice Marie Johnson from prison. Johnson, a grandmother who had been serving a life sentence on a drug trafficking charge, was granted clemency by President Trump in June 2018.

In her interview with Vogue, Kim cited the experience with Johnson as the catalyst for her decision to study law. Although her father, Robert Kardashian, was a well-respected lawyer, she had never seriously considered a career in law prior to becoming actively involved in criminal justice reform. Kim revealed that she wanted to continue working with disadvantaged people and that if she wanted to make the biggest impact, she needed to be able to stand toe-to-toe with lawyers and legal professionals.

Will people respect Kim more in the future?

The path Kim is taking to become a lawyer isn’t exactly conventional, but it is recognized as legitimate. Even though she doesn’t have a college degree, it turns out that it isn’t necessary to have a degree in order to become a lawyer in the state of California. There are only four states that have this policy in place, with the caveat that the interested party must have an apprenticeship with a law firm or established judge.

Kim isn’t wasting any time and recently revealed that she is already hard at work studying for the bar exam, which she will take in 2022. If she passes the bar exam, Kim will be a lawyer. Whether or not this accomplishment will make naysayers respect her, or simply dismiss her, remains to be seen. However, if there’s one thing that Kim has already proven time and time again, it’s that she doesn’t allow anyone’s opinion of her to hold her back. The reality star is well on her way to the next career-defining achievement – and this one will likely be the most impressive one yet.