Kim Kardashian Got Candid About Her Relationship With Kanye West Amidst Social Distancing

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are one of the top power couples in Hollywood. The pair have been married for almost six years and share four children together. Often referred to as Kimye, they are often dubbed “couple goals” by their most loyal fans. But, how is the couple faring with the increased amount of time they are spending together amidst social distancing?

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the state of California (where Kardashian West and West reside) has issued a stay-at-home mandate. All citizens are required to stay in their homes with the exception of going to get essential goods and services. Because of this, couples are spending unprecedented amounts of time together at home. Though some partners are thriving in this new normal, others aren’t faring as well. In fact, in China, the divorce rate spiked amidst the quarantine mandate.

How are Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West doing amidst social distancing?

But, it seems that Kardashian West and West are enjoying the increased time together. In a recent interview with The View, the reality TV star confessed that she truly valued all the additional time that she got to spend with her husband. As the couple are both huge celebrities, their projects keep them separated at times. “I actually love that time because we do travel so much in our regular world,” the KKW Beauty founder shared. Kardashian West also opened up about how she is coping with being quarantined with her four kids.

The KKW Beauty owner finds managing her kids and household challenging

“I think the family bonding part of it all…going on walks outside. We’ve watched every, single movie you could possibly imagine. Umm, I’ve been showing the kids all these ’80s movies like Harry and the Hendersons and stuff that they wouldn’t have watched and it’s so much fun. So I love all the family bonding stuff. But, I mean, I’ve been doing laundry and cooking and we’re now… I mean the kids just got on Spring break, thank god. Being their teacher too…my newfound respect for teachers. They deserve so much. I mean, it’s been tough juggling it all and you really have to put yourself on the back burner and just focus on the kids,” Kardashian West revealed

Critics accuse the ‘KUWTK’ star of being tone-deaf

People haven’t been particularly sympathetic to Kardashian West’s plight. What she described is what most working parents go through on a daily basis. Furthermore, in comparison to a lot of families who are out of work, or confined to tiny spaces, the 39-year-old is doing extremely well. “I’m so glad they got Kim on the show, I’ve been so worried about how she’s coping in her million-dollar mansion with a fully stocked pantry and a bank full of money to last her a lifetime,” one person wrote sarcastically on YouTube.

The critic continued on to reference Kardashian West’s drama with Taylor Swift. “They should have asked Kim why she called Taylor Swift self-serving even though Kim herself sent out countless tweets to try and defend herself after she was exposed for releasing an edited video in order to turn people against Taylor, then promoting a discount for her clothing line, the new season of the Kardashians, but she did say she would donate 20% of the profits made when people buy specific items from her clothing range 🙄” they continued.

Should Kardashian West take a step back from the media?

It seems that Kardashian West might benefit from staying out of the spotlight for a while. Even some of her fans are not at all impressed with her complaints. She might consider taking a page of West’s book and going dark on social media. But, as her brand depends on that, we doubt she will.