Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian Just Clapped Back At Jameela Jamil’s Criticism of Their Weight Loss Ads

Since they burst onto the scene in 2007 with their hit reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians –the Kardashian/Jenner clan have been known to tack their names on to various products and brands in the name of expanding their massive wealth. However, in recent years, the eldest Kardashian sisters, in particular, have come under fire for their continued promotion of weight loss products.

The promotion of products like the Flat Tummy Tea brand has put the Kardashians in the crosshairs of members of the body positivity movement like The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil who has called their promotion of such products irresponsible and sad. After remaining silent– Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian are now clapping back at Jamil.

This is how Jameela Jamil slammed the Kardashians for promoting weight loss products

In the past several moments, Jamil has come after both Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian for being a toxic influence on young girls. The Good Place actress called Kim K. a, “terrible and toxic influence on young girls.” Jamil also argued that the KKW mogul’s obsession with weight “makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to.”

Jamil didn’t hold her tongue when coming for Khloé Kardashian Flat Tummy Tea ads either. She wrote in the comments under one of the reality star’s ads,

If you’re too irresponsible to: a) own up to the fact that you have a personal trainer, nutritionist, probable chef, and a surgeon to achieve your aesthetic, rather than this laxative product…And b) tell them the side effects of this NON-FDA approved product, that most doctors are saying aren’t healthy […] then I guess I have to. It’sincrediblye awful that this industry bullied you until you became this fixated on your appearance. That’s the media’s fault. But now please don’t put that back into the world, and hurt other girls, the way you would have been hurt. You’re a smart woman. Be smarter than this.

Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian just clapped back at Jameela Jamil

Until now, the Kardashians have stayed silent about Jamil’s criticisms of them. However, in a recent interview with The New York Times, they finally addressed it. Khloé said, “I don’t live in that negative energy space. Ninety percent of people will be really excited about the family and the journey and who we are.” She was also quick to add that she’s never had a chef saying she also shows her workout routines. She said, “Well, listen, I am showing you what to do, silly person, 15 repetitions, three times, here’s the move…”

Kim Kardashian was also super unapologetic about how she makes her money. She told The New York Times, “If there is work that is really easy that doesn’t take away from our kids, that’s like a huge priority, if someone was faced with the same job opportunities, I think they would maybe consider. You’re going to get backlash for almost everything so as long as you like it or believe in it or it’s worth it financially, whatever your decision may be, as long as you’re O.K. with that.”

Will the Kardashians stop promoting weight loss products?

From the their “responses” to Jamil and the backlash they are receiving over their promotion of weight loss products, it doesn’t look like the Kardashians will stop promoting these toxic products any time soon. Jamil was not pleased with the Kardashians response. She said, “Essentially, f*ck the young, impressionable people, or those struggling with eating disorders, we want the money.” She also added “pockets are lined with the blood and diarrhea of teenage girls,”

We just hope that young people know this is not how the Kardashian/Jenners are actually staying fit and trim.

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