Kim Kardashian Is Receiving Serious Backlash Over This Pic of Her Kids

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but you can’t deny that the reality star is busy. When she isn’t starring in her hit reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has her hands in a ton of different pies. The mogul is the founder of KKW Beauty, just launched a new line of shapewear called SKIMS SOLUTIONWEAR, and is currently working towards becoming a lawyer. But, perhaps Kardashian’s most time-consuming feat is raising her four kids.

North West & Kim Kardashian West kids
North West & Kim Kardashian West | Photo by Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian’s four kids

Kardashian was clearly inspired by her large family of KarJenner’s as she (along with her husband, Kanye West) continue to add to their family. The pair are now officially a family of six after welcoming their baby boy, Psalm West, to the world just a few months ago. Along with Psalm West, the couple also have two daughters, North West and Chicago West, as well as another son, Saint West. Kardashian openly expresses the love and appreciation she has for her kids on a regular basis via social media. Unfortunately, a recent photo she posted to Instagram is garnering serious backlash.

Kardashian shares a photo of her daughters to Instagram

Taking to her Instagram page, Kardashian shared a recent photo from her time in Wyoming. In the picture, Kardashian’s daughters are sitting horseback whilst Kardashian has the lead for the rope and is facing her kids. The photo immediately sparked outrage from fans and equestrians alike, because North West and Chicago West are clearly not wearing helmets in the photo. This called into question the safety of the situation and people immediately made their outrage known.

Fans are outraged by lack of helmets

“Kimberly if you don’t put helmets on those babies’ heads RIGHT NOW I stg…,” one fan wrote. “I don’t care if your kid is on the horse for .5 seconds you ALWAYS put a helmet on, never know what could happen. Basic equestrian rules,” another Instagram user chimed in. “A lass at our yard got on one in the field today, no helmet and he chucked her off! Luckily just seems like she has a broken toe. You never know what could happen. Sick of seeing anyone without helmets on,” another concerned fan wrote, giving a personal anecdote from their own life.

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Wyoming ⛰

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Another fellow rider also felt the need to speak from personal experience as a warning to Kardashian “Oh please every equestrian out there is looking at this picture and thinking “helmets Kim please”. As adults, we make a choice & to each their own. Children’s helmets are cheap. I’ve seen children seriously injured doing exactly this! The horse was grazing and a rabbit shot out from the grass and the horse got scared. The kids fell, one fell on her hip but the littlest fell on his head. He was out concussed; a helmet would have prevented that. Horses are flight animals, which means they run away from things they perceive as danger,” the fan wrote.

The safety of the kids

While we never condone mom-shaming, we can understand why so many fans were concerned in this scenario. And while we’re sure that Kardashian would never intentionally put her children in harm’s way, this photo op didn’t seem like the safest choice for them. We agree that helmets should be worn at all times when riding a horse, especially given how young Chicago West and North West are.

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My brave girl Chicago

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We know that Kardashian’s kids lead a more adventurous life than most (after all, Chicago West was recently filmed playing with a snake) but accidents can and do happen to anyone. We’re happy that the pair were safe and sound in this scenario and we hope that some of the backlash gives Kardashian a bit of pause the next time she takes her children around horses.