Kim Kardashian Never Felt the Responsibility of a Role Model Until This Happened

If there’s a product that Kim Kardashian sells to make her fortune, it’s influence. After all, the star has more than 140 million Instagram followers, and she uses that platform to promote everything from slimming undergarments to her own brand of beauty products. All of those posts earn her an astounding amount of money—sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single picture with a simple caption. 

On top of that, she has been at the center of the long-running reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and has been featured across media platforms throughout her life. You might think, then, that someone so familiar with selling her own influence would recognize her power as a role model, but that’s not the case. 

Kardashian recently opened up in a cover story for the September issue of Vogue Arabia. In it, she is interviewed by her husband, Kanye West. The interview touches on many private moments of the star’s life, and she mentions her feelings about being a role model and why it took so long for her to recognize that responsibility. 

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Family is very important to Kardashian

Throughout the interview, Kardashian touches on her life with Kanye West and their four children. Their daughter North was born in 2013 and was followed soon after by brother Saint in 2015. Kardashian was advised not to undergo any further pregnancies due to a medical condition.

However, the pair wanted to continue to grow their family, so they turned to surrogacy. Their daughter Chicago was born in 2018 and their son Psalm was born in 2019. 

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Kardashian has a very busy life. In addition to her reality television series, her many promotional appearances, and her work alongside her husband in his music and fashion endeavors, she has also recently announced her desire to earn a law degree. Despite all of these demands on her attention, Kardashian still makes her children a priority.

This is a balance she’s had to figure out since her very first child, as she explained in an interview with E! News: “I took a hiatus after I had the baby, and found it challenging to start working again because I didn’t want to spend any time away. But you adjust and prioritize, and just figure it out.”

Having children made Kardashian aware of her influence

While Kardashian’s influence is her primary source of income, she never felt the pressure of it until she had children of her own. “I never felt the responsibility of being a role model until I had kids,” she explained in the Vogue interview. 

Having children of her own apparently made it clearer to her just what influence she has and how she can make choices to wield it in ways that impact others. Perhaps that is what is driving her decision to focus on a legal career.

After helping a woman convicted of a nonviolent drug offense get out of prison, Kardashian has turned her attention to learning more about the legal system so that she can continue to make changes there. 

She has no regrets about living her life in the public eye

Even with the new focus on how her influence impacts the world around her, Kardashian expresses no regrets about living her life so openly. “Even in my darkest of times I don’t regret putting myself out there for the world to see. People have shared with me over the years how much it has helped them to feel less alone when dealing with their own adversity. I love having a voice and I appreciate the platform that I have been given, even though I do wish I could have more privacy at times,” she explained. 

Whether it is as an influencer, a mother, or a legal advocate, Kardashian has the power behind her to make a real impact on the world, and it seems she now recognizes just how much that power means.