Does Kim Kardashian Pay The Paparazzi To Photoshop Her Pictures?

If there is one thing that Kim Kardashian is known for, it’s her photos. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stays camera ready at all times. She has built her brand around photographs, videos, and selfies. She’s mastered the art of remaining picture perfect.

Despite the KKW Beauty mogul’s stunning looks and fashion sense, we all know that no one is perfect 100% of the time. Though North, Saint and Chicago’s mom has almost total control of her image, she can’t exactly remain perfect when she’s out and about –unless of course, she’s paying for perfection.

Does Kim Kardashian pay the paparazzi to photoshop her pictures?

The Kardashian/Jenner clan aren’t exactly strangers to enhancements and photoshop. In fact, their vagueness about editing their bodies and photos has gotten them in hot water more than once. For example, Kylie Jenner denied for years that she had lip fillers and the Lip Kit mogul also randomly had someone else’s feet in the 2018 Kardashian Christmas Card.

Now, Kim Kardashian is being accused of paying the paparazzi to photoshop her images before they appear on photo agencies. According to Instagram account @fakegirlsfvckya, Kardashian is notorious for having the paparazzi photoshop their snaps of her so that she can be shown in her absolute best light.

In one particular photograph of Kim K. at Nobu wearing a cute denim outfit, it’s clear that her hips and waste have been edited. @fakegirlsfvckya wrote in their caption,

Some photos are Photoshopped by the paparazzi companies, the celebrities pay for that. That’s why when a FAN takes a picture of some of these women, they look very different. In this example you can see the difference in Kim’s hips and the size of her waist. And in the second picture you can see how without any retouching, Kim’s butt also looks different.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but we’re not sure this is the most positive message to be sending to young girls and women.

Why doesn’t Kim Kardashian ever smile in photos?

In addition to editing her pictures, Kim Kardashian refuses to crack a full smile in photos. Instead, she chooses to stare into the camera for a more “high fashion” look. Since Kardashian seems like a nice person, this look doesn’t exactly fit her personality, but the 38-year-old recently revealed that not smiling is one of her biggest beauty secrets.

During a Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class event, Kardashian was asked by an attendee to share her secret for smooth skin. The soon-to-be mom of four replied, “Don’t smile.” Not smiling certainly prevents any laugh lines from appearing, but because Kardashian laughs and smiles with her kiddos all the time we don’t think she’s just going around frowning or smizing in every aspect of her life.

Kardashian stopped smiling back in 2013 when she was pregnant with her first child, North West. She experienced extreme swelling due to preeclampsia and the horrible comments about her appearance changed the way she wanted her picture taken. The KUWTK star also felt like she didn’t want to be nice to people who profited off of taking her photo.

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