Kim Kardashian Probably Spends Less Time on Instagram Than You Do

Just when you think you know all there is to know about Kim Kardashian, think again.

Her “73 Questions With” video for Vogue magazine unearthed lots more information about herself, her family, and her professional life.

For instance, how much time Kardashian spends on Instagram a day. Keep reading to see just how much time she spends on the social media app.

How much time does Kim Kardashian spend on Instagram?

One of the 73 Kardashian answered in the video was, “How much time do you spend per day on Instagram?”

Kardashian is known for sharing her life on Instagram. She posts pictures and videos of her family, including major throwbacks from growing up. She also shares pictures of her friends, and, of course, promotional content for her many business ventures.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian at the amfAR New York Gala 2019 on February 6, 2019, in New York City | Jared Siskin/amfAR/Getty Images

It’s common to scroll through her Instagram profile and see pictures of her family, pictures of herself, and her Kim Kardashian Beauty (KKW) products or perfume.

Standing next to an “unbleached Steinway” piano in her living room, Kardashian answere the question, “How much time do you spend per day on Instagram?”

Her response: “Not that much, like 30 minutes.”

She spends approximately a half hour maintaining an Instagram account with 134 million followers. People who aren’t Kardashian probably spend more time scrolling through the social media app in a day with far, far, fewer followers.

As it turns out, the average Instagram user spends around the same amount of time on the app as Kardashian, maybe even a little less.

In 2014, Instagram released user statistics about how much time people spend on the app. “The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes on the app per day,” Facebook, who owns Instagram, announced during their third-quarter earnings call according to Business Insider.

How much time do we spend on our phones?

The average person in the U.S. spends 2 hours and 42 minutes on their phone a day, according to Flurry, a mobile analytics company.

Of that time, 86% is spent using apps, Instagram and other social media apps included. Gaming apps came in second place at 32% followed by messaging apps at 24%.

Kardashian posts ‘whatever’ she feels

After she revealed that she only spends 30 minutes on Instagram a day, Kardashian shared her strategy behind her content. The interviewer asked Kardashian the follow-up question, “How do you decide what or what not to post?”

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“I just do whatever I feel,” Kardashian said. There you go. Kardashian doesn’t put too much thought into what she shares on social media.

As for knowing that she has more than 130 million Instagram followers, “It’s so crazy just to think about it,” she said.

Think you might slide into Kardashian’s direct messages (DMs) on Instagram? Forget about it. When asked if she reads her DMs, Kardashian said, “I don’t. There’s too many DMs. I can’t even get started.”

Remember she has 134 million followers on Instagram and probably receives hundreds, even thousands, of DMs on the app in any given day.