Kim Kardashian Reportedly Started Blocking Twitter Accounts for Leaving Sarcastic Comments

Kim Kardashian is the most notorious member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, a reality television queen who has managed to parlay her fame into several highly successful business ventures.

Although many critics have argued for years that she doesn’t have any “real” talents, it is clear that millions of people all over the world care about her and what she has to say. Kardashian’s social media accounts have long been one of her hottest commodities, and she is well-known for engaging with her fans on a regular basis.

However, according to a recent Reddit thread, the future lawyer and mother of four has begun to block certain Twitter accounts that she finds irritating. 

How did Kim Kardashian become famous?

Kim Kardashian West on the red carpet
Kim Kardashian West | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kim Kardashian was born in 1980 in Los Angeles, California. Raised in an affluent family, Kardashian developed a solid work ethic by watching her father, a prominent attorney. As a teenager, Kardashian entered the workforce, getting experience by clocking in and out at a clothing boutique.

She evidenced a natural talent for fashion and styling and began working as a closet organizer for high-profile celebrities like Paris Hilton. 

In 2007, two things happened that really put Kim Kardashian on the pop culture landscape. First, a sex tape of Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Ray J was released. The tape quickly went viral. Later that year, Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered on television, introducing everyone to the extended Kardashian-Jenner family.

Like many reality stars, Kim Kardashian’s fame has increased over the years, and these days, she runs a cosmetics company, owns a shapewear line, and is studying to become a lawyer. She’s also married to rapper Kanye West, and the two share four children together. 

Kim Kardashian’s social media is a huge moneymaker

When she was still in the early days of her fame, Kim Kardashian began utilizing social media to her advantage. She regularly engaged with fans and followers on social media, running polls, answering questions, and re-tweeting comments and photos.

She used to promote a wide variety of products on Instagram and Twitter, and sponsored posts were a regular source of income for her as well as her family. These days, she doesn’t post nearly as many ads on social media, but she still makes major bank when she does. Reportedly, she can make millions of dollars for a single sponsored post.

In recent years, many fans have begun voicing their disapproval with Kim Kardashian’s social media feed. Specifically, many have complained that she is no longer fun to follow and that she posts much more about her business ventures than fun content about her personal life.

Although she still has a very large following across her social media accounts, according to a recent rumor on Reddit, Kardashian could start losing followers at a more rapid rate.

Has Kim Kardashian started blocking people on Twitter?

Recently, some fans on Reddit discussed the social media accounts of all the Kardashian-Jenner family members. While a poster stated that some family members, including Kendall Jenner, has been known to repost fan edits and content, Kim Kardashian might have actually started to block people on Twitter.

The post revealed that “a few somewhat popular accounts were posting about being blocked after leaving sarcastic responses to some of her more tone-deaf quarantine posts.”

Another poster chimed in, noting another incident where a sarcastic comment on Kardashian’s Twitter account got a fan account blocked. While Kim Kardashian hasn’t addressed the alleged blocking, if the trend continues, it could definitely make headlines, and end up hurting her bottom line.