The Inspiring Way Kim Kardashian Is Teaching Her Daughters About Body Confidence

Not only does Kim Kardashian have a wildly successful line of shapewear items designed to help women feel more confident, but she’s also giving her young daughters some pointers about body positivity. She launched the SKIMS shapewear collection and within minutes made $2 million — a certifiable runaway hit!

Kim Kardashian West shapewear
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Kardashian created SKIMS after her own experience

Kardashian’s experience with shapewear over the years wasn’t ideal, with most lines lacking in color and style options. She took her issues with what was available and created her SKIMS line.

She explained to “I really created everything that I hadn’t seen before,” adding, “A big huge problem for me was seams. I would put on something, and it would have a seam up the front. And you’d wear something tight, and so you’d always see the line going up the front, and it would look just like underwear. I wanted to make sure that they [SKIMS’ pieces] were really seamless, and they just felt really comfortable.”

She found the fabric that is “extremely soft and extremely cozy” and tested the pieces to ensure their comfort, continuing to tweak things along the way. She shared: “Honestly, I was even making changes in our campaign. It had been six and eight months of getting samples and retesting them and reshaping them. And it had been a long time just because I would want to see each piece, every size that we make, starting in an XXS, going up to a 4XL and some pieces in a 5XL.”

Kardashian shares how she teaches her children body confidence

While she’s created the KKW beauty foundation for covering up and the SKIMS line to smooth the body, Kardashian is all about transparency and being a model of body positivity for her daughters, North, 6, and Chicago, 1.

She shared: “I think my kids are a little too young to really understand what cellulite is and have those conversations. But they also see that we’re in front of the camera, and I like to feel good about myself, and there’s a time and a place.”

Kardashian continued: “It’s not like I sit home with body makeup all over me, but I do feel really confident. I mean, everyone pretty much wears a bra, so I’m always wearing the bra and the brief just around the house. And when I’m changing she’ll be in my closet with me, one of my daughters. I mean, she’s [North] the most confident person on the planet. So I don’t think I’ll really have a problem there, but I always teach body confidence and always wanting to feel your best.”

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Diet and exercise are important

Kardashian also provides a positive example for her children with health and fitness, sharing: “I think my kids see me get up and go to the gym everyday and work out, and I remember I would see my mom be active and play tennis and sports, and I love that my kids see me ski and water ski, and [be] really active.”

She noted that they “openly talk about what we put in our bodies and the foods that we eat and not eating too much sugar,” explaining, “I think it all goes together and when you’re not confident it’s not just like, ‘Oh well, put on some solution wear and you’re all fixed.’ No, if there’s something, I always use it as motivation. If I’m feeling a little bit heavier than usual or if I just, even if it has nothing to do with weight, eating really clean and teaching my kids, that has been really important to me, and I’ve learned that. And so when we’re at the house, we eat plant-based and that’s been a real fun journey for me, to just change the way that I eat when I’m at home.”